Nature Arts Education at The Morton Arboretum

Nature Photography Classes at The Morton Arboretum are available for registration at the following link:  Class Listings – Nature Photography

MAPS highly recommends that our members take the opportunity to enhance your photographic knowledge and experience by signing up for one or more of these classes.

And please encourage others in your photographic world to take advantage of  these nature education opportunities!!

If you need help finding a program, registering, or logging in, please call 630-719-2468 between 8 am – 4 pm, Monday – Friday or email

Visiting Photographer Series:

The Morton Arboretum hosted Rod Planck as part of its Visiting Photographer series. This seminar was an energy filled six hours of passion and photographic expertise and was held Sunday, March 30 (2014) in the Arbor Room, Thornhill Education Center.

Rod covered a wide range of real and practical advice using his outstanding photographs to back up his points. Topics included close-up photography suggesting, for example, using very long (telephoto) lenses in place of macros in order to put distance between you and your subjects such as insects and butterflies and when and when not to use tripods.

He explained that when shooting in RAW, use your EV control to drive the histogram to the right (light side). Why? When post-processing on the computer (necessary with RAW photos), the image can be more easily readjusted to provide details with minimum noise (grain) in the final photo. JPEGs on the other hand can be shot with a balanced histogram.  Additional topics included were what to expect at different aperture settings as related to depth of field, special tilted lenses, photographing birds in flight and much more.

Rod’s seminar was very well received and credit was given to the Arboretum and MAPS for arranging this.

Rod Planck-1

Rod Planck

Rod Planck-2



Need help identifying a plant?

Contact the Plant Clinic!


Photo Sharing and Critiquing Opportunity


As an educational experience to be explored by MAPS members, we have developed a photo sharing and critiquing opportunity utilizing the Google+ social networking website. Sharing our respective work adds to a spirit of camaraderie; allows individual photographers to showcase their work; and provides a convenient method of receiving and giving critiques. Participation is completely voluntary. It’s secure, free, and high quality. Follow 4 simple steps found in these instructions. Once you have your Google+ account setup come back here to visit and circle MAPS G+ page.

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