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Welcome to the Front Page News, the home page of MAPS. This is where we publish current events, and have links to other organizational information. Make sure you check back frequently!

Due to COVID-19 we have all been cautious. Now, MAPS is working on getting back to normal. Please read up on our upcoming activities below!

Upcoming Programs

We are holding our monthly programs using Zoom, and all members are invited! Check out our Zoom web page to prepare for the monthly program meetings and for tips & tricks we might have.

If you are looking for past programs, please go to Programs. This web page includes a write up and a few images from each monthly program. When possible, we also post a recording of the monthly program for a few months.

  • August 9, 2021 – Robert Erving Potter, III – Monarchs in Mexico

    Come on an adventure with Robert Erving Potter, !!! He will take you into the mountains of Mexico to see the winter home of the Monarch butterfly migration. They travel in colonies of about 20 million insects and travel between 80 and 120 nautical miles per day.

    You will learn what photo gear to take with you, what to expect in the way of weather, physical endurance, where you might stay, and what kinds of delicious food you may find on your journey.

MAPS Photo Outings

Photo Outings are back! For the last year, we needed to keep ourselves isolated, so we participated in a “Photo Challenge” each month. I know it helped keep our skills up. But, now we can begin getting together.

  • August 2021

    Larry and his team are cooking up something, so check back later.
  • The Gove in Glenview – July

    The Grove outing turned out to be the perfect photo outing with NO RAIN!  Only a bit overcast which resulted in very light shadows.

    Visit Photo Outings for more information.

MAPS Photo Workshops

  • Nothing right now, please check back later.

Planning a trip? Visit Destinations to view beautiful images and information about many locations our members have visited.

MAPS Membership – If you are looking for information about MAPS membership, visit our About page. This page also includes other administrative information you might be looking for.

If you have any comments or feedback on the MAPS website, please feel free to email us at:

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