Bonaire 2

Photographer Hart Kannegiesser provided the details and images for the Bonaire 2  destination.

Bonaire 2 (Carribean)

Kim Stynes several years ago contributed a MAPS Destinations page on Bonaire.  It includes an excellent detailed description of the island, its people, and its attractions, as well as a selection of beautiful images. Instead of duplicating Kim’s story, I’ll just post my images and expand on Kim’s account.

Our family stayed in Bonaire for a week in March 2017. Several family members are avid scuba divers, so I have been able to include a couple of underwater wildlife photographs taken by family members.

Flamingos are a special attraction on the island and make for a wonderful photographic subject. These unusual birds inhabit the island in large numbers. They are fairly easy to track down and photograph.

The island has been inhabited by large numbers of donkeys. These used to roam free on the island. More recently they have been confined to a sanctuary in the center of the island where staff feed and care for them. The sanctuary is open to the public. You can drive through it on a loop drive in your car.

Along its coast line the island has a number of buildings and huts that were used in the 19th century to house slaves being traded between North and South America. Many of these buildings have been restored and today serve as a reminder of this dark chapter in history.