Guidelines for Image & Text Submission

Please follow all guidelines for both Image and Text.

Guidelines for Image Submission to the Destinations Page:

  • Photos are to be cropped and adjusted and considered as your “final product.”
  • Name your photos with your name followed by a sequence number.
  • Photos are to be saved/exported to a jpg or jpeg format.
  • Photos are to be saved/exported with 1,000 pixels on the longest side.
  • Do not let the total size of any one email to go above 10 MB.
  • A confirmation email will be sent after images have been received.
  • If there are issues with any of the images, you will receive notice.
  • Please email your images to Tim O’Brien.

If you would like a caption/description to appear under each photo (as presented in a slideshow format), please follow these instructions:

In Photoshop, FILE / File Info / Description / Type in a description.

In Lightroom, Library Module / Metadata Panel / Caption / Type in your caption.

Guidelines for Text Submission to the Destinations Page:

Please answer the following questions in paragraph style:

Where is this destination?

  • What was the time of year you visited this destination?
  • What were the weather conditions?  And, are these weather conditions typical for this destination?
  • What did you consider the best time of day to photograph?
  • Are there specific locations you visited?
  • Do you have any cautions or suggestions to pass on to photographers who may visit in the future?

If possible please provide an anecdote or two (for example:  “this happened on my way to”; just as I shot the image — this happened”) this will help make your page more appealing.  Please email to Tim O’Brien.

Are you willing to share any additional information (not contained within your page) with other members?

If so, all email addresses and questions by an interested party will be forwarded to you for response.