Photographer Chuck Hunnicutt provided the details and images for the Paris destination.

Not much needs to be said about Paris as a destination as it is one of the most famous and frequently visited cities in the world.  Known as the City of Light, all types of photography abound – architecture, culture, street shooting, and people.  Any season and any time of day works.  I have had no problems relating to photography during any of my visits.  It’s truly a tourist and photographer friendly place. Language is generally not a problem.  The people tend to be friendly, refined, and courteous.  Hotels range in price and quality from very reasonable to quite expensive.  Food prices are equivalent to those found in this area, and it is delicious.  The French are proud of their wines, which are excellent, and offer them at great prices.  Transportation on the Metro is convenient and taxis are everywhere. There are numerous day trip possibilities out of the city such as Versailles and Monet’s Gardens.  Van Gogh and other impressions painted in nearby settings that have been maintained as they were years ago.   You can spend as much time there as you can afford to spend.  There is no shortage of subject matter or opportunities. Feel free to ask me any questions about visiting Paris or photography there.  But my advice is simple – go and enjoy.  It’s a great place!

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