Sabino Canyon


Photographer Chuck Hunnicutt provided the details and images for the Sabino Canyon destination.

Sabino Canyon is located in the northeast part of Tucson, Arizona, in the Santa Catalina Mountains.  National Park Service passes are accepted; otherwise the area has a small entrance fee.  No cars are permitted in the canyon; instead, a tram service is provided for a three mile trip up to the top at a reasonable price.  Lots of people take the tram up and walk down the road for the return.  A 6 mile hiking trail meanders from the top back to the visitor center for those looking for a bit more exercise and spectacular scenery.   The canyon is one of the most popular recreation areas for the locals and tourists alike.

The scenery consists of rugged mountains, a large stream coming from Mt. Lemon with quite a bit of water after rains, and lots of the beautiful saguaro cactus.  There are reports and warnings of mountain lions in the area, but they are rarely sighted.  This area is all about beautiful Arizona desert scenery and hiking.

We visited in late November and early December and were fortunate to experience the bright yellow fall colors of the cottonwood trees along the stream.  Sycamores were also changing into more muted oranges and browns.  The temperatures ranged from the high 70’s to the mid 50’s.  It’s an ideal time to visit.

If you are in the Tucson area, Sabino Canyon should be high on your list of spots to visit.

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