Saguaro National Park

Photographer Chuck Hunnicutt provided the details and images for the Saguaro National Park destination.

The Saguaro National Park sits in the heart of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona.  It is divided into the East Park and the West Park which are about 20 miles apart on either side of the city of Tucson.  It is famous for its large Saguaro cactus forests.

Access from Tucson is quick and easy.  The East Park has a 10 mile scenic road where you can experience the desert from the comforts of your car.  The West Park features some ancient Native American petroglyphs accessible by regular cars on a dirt road.   But, to really see and feel the area, it’s best to do some hiking.   Both sides of the Park have numerous and well-marked trails for all ability levels.  Hiking with a light weight camera affords all sorts of beautiful scenery unique to the desert for both large and intimate landscapes as well as macro opportunities.

Spring features abundant wild flowers and cactus blossoms.  Summer is very hot.  Fall and winter weather is perfect.  The Visitor Centers offer great advice and trail maps.    And, it’s not crowded.

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