Email Issues

MAPS uses email to communicate with our members, so it is important that we have an accurate email address on file.  For example:  MAPS sends out two emails each month to all members announcing the monthly meeting and providing the Zoom link.  If you are not receiving these emails, we need to fix it.

There are a number of places to check to figure out where the emails are getting stopped.  Some of these are on your end, some of these are on our end.  So lets get started:

  • Please verify it’s not in your normal inbox.  With all the emails that most of us receive, they can easily get buried or skipped over.
  • Please check your spam or junk folder.  I find a couple of emails in my spam folders every day, and many of them are legit.

    There are ways to tell your email software that MAPS emails are legit, but it is different for each type of email software, which is beyond what we can go into here.

    One suggestion is to add the MAPS email address to your contacts in your email software.
  • Please verify that we are using the correct email address.  I changed mine about two years ago, and I’m still getting stuff at the old email address.

    The best way to do this is to send an email to with a brief note and the correct email address. We will then update/verify our records and send you a note back.
  • Sometimes emails will bounce somewhere along the path to your inbox.  If it bounces, it will usually be returned to us so that we know about it, and can attempt to resolve it on our end.  But not always.

Remember, we aren’t experts on this, so if you have a good idea, please let us know at