Exhibits from 2016

Wonders of Nature
MAPS Nature Photography Exhibit
The Wasco Nursery and Garden Center in St. Charles, IL
September & October 2016

On Saturday, October 1st, MAPS members, friends and visitors attended the Artists’ Reception at the Wasco “Gallery of Nature”.  The reception added to the Fall Festival celebration at the Garden Center and the gallery became a popular place for families to stop by, grab a snack and view the artwork.  (www.wasconursery.com)  Below are some sample photos of the great artwork on display. Please click on the photos below to enlarge:

MAPS 5th Annual Nature Photography Exhibit
The Morton Arboretum
April 30 & May 1, 2016

Our annual exhibit took place Saturday, April 30th and Sunday, May 1st in the Sycamore Room at the Arboretum from 10am – 4pm.  In addition to our Saturday and Sunday exhibit, we had a reception on Friday, April 29th from 5-8pm and raffle drawings on Sunday afternoon.

The reception was very well attended as well as festive. Everyone, including guests, had a good time. The images were overall the best ever according to several overheard comments and epitomized the growth and caliber of our MAPS members’ photographic skills. Poor weather really dampened, so to speak, our Saturday attendance with a modest improvement on Sunday.

Despite the lower attendance, the exhibit proved to be a successful event. Our visitors not only enjoyed all the fabulous art, but appeared to love the wonderful raffles.

Thanks to the many MAPS members who volunteered their time throughout the exhibit weekend!

Below is a comprehensive sampling of this signature event. Please click on an image to enlarge:

E-Postcard Annual 2016 PDF

Nature’s Harmony
MAPS Nature Photography Exhibit
Woodridge Public Library
March & April 2016

This March, MAPS members had opportunity to exhibit their images at the Woodridge Public Library in Woodridge.  The exhibit, “Nature’s Harmony”, accommodate approximately 50 nature images.  Submissions had been taken Feb 1-8, and were accepted on a first-come basis. Here are some examples from this presentation. Stop by if you can! Click to enlarge.

Here  are additional photos from the Woodridge Public Library open reception held on March 11, 2016: