Exhibits from 2018

Capturing Nature
MAPS Nature Photography Exhibit
Woodridge Public Library
September 2018

Thank you to Darcy, her team and all of the MAPS participants who submitted such beautiful images to the Woodridge Library’s 2018 Capturing Nature Exhibit. Here are some photos from our Artist’s Reception. Thanks also for all of the great snacks! Sorry that all entries are not displayed here. Click on photo below to enlarge:

MAPS 7th Annual Nature Photography Exhibit
The Morton Arboretum
April 2018

A message from Darcy Berg, Exhibits Chairperson:

Before the exhibit opened to our friends and families on Friday, April 27, I took the opportunity to walk around the exhibit. No one was there. I had time to absorb all the art. The amount of talent that our members offer is amazing. I could pick out pieces that belonged to people without looking at the name tag because their style was apparent. I smiled to see how some people’s art progressed from last year. This was the accumulation of hours of hard work by 37 volunteers and 54 artists exhibiting 149 pieces of art.

And then it was time to celebrate! A beautiful table displaying wonderful food enhanced by beautiful floral arrangements and accompanied by soft drinks, beer and wine welcomed almost 300 guests.

On Saturday, April 28, we opened our doors to all who were attending the Morton Arboretum. Two first time exhibitors got to experience the thrill and ultimate compliment of someone buying their art. We opened the doors to the Cudahy room on Sunday and Arboretum visitors strolled through the exhibit as they enjoyed a gorgeous day. At 4:00 the exhibit was done. The raffle basket winners had been announced. The music was turned off. In a flurry of activity the exhibit was dismantled in minutes. The panels holding the framed art were whisked away.

Silence enveloped the room once again.

Well done people. Well done.

Darcy Berg, Exhibits Chairperson

(All photos by Andy Dichter) Please click on a photo below to expand: