Exhibits from 2019

Capturing Nature Photography Exhibit
Bloomingdale Park District Museum
September 2019

Thanks to Darcy and her team for putting on this beautiful display of images from our members!

Here are a few images from our open reception courtesy of Tim Rex. Click on any image to enlarge:

MAPS 8th Annual Nature Photography Exhibit
The Morton Arboretum
April 2019

Putting the MAPS Annual exhibit together is quite a task. It is not done by one person. It takes many people with different talents. This year we had a lot of new people and they did a wonderful job. I kept telling them “If I’m lucky enough to have you help with the exhibit next year, I swear it will be easier because you will know what to expect.” An exhibit like the MAPS Annual Exhibit takes people that know how to organize tasks, people that are crafty, people that have an eye for hanging art, people that have patience and can lend a hand when someone is confused about a process and people that want a little something to do just to be a part of the exhibit. It is members like these that made the Annual Exhibit this year really superb. Even if the weather was less than cooperative, members still showed up to greet people and to sell raffle tickets. And of course, where would we be if we didn’t have people participating in the exhibit. MAPS members just keep getting better at shooting images and presenting them in frames that makes them stand out. I heard many complements about our member’s artwork. So, what if snowed on Saturday! We still had 53 people come to see our art. And Sunday was gorgeous. 260 people walked through the exhibit to see the MAPS member’s artwork! I don’t know about you but, to me, that speaks volumes. Here’s to another great Annual Exhibit! (Darcy)

Here are the photos from our 8th Annual Exhibit. Click on any image to enlarge:

Wildlife Photography Show
The Sterling Morton Library
The Morton Arboretum
January 2019

MAPS teamed up with Rita Hassert, Head Librarian at the Sterling Morton Library, for a special project, “Wildlife Photography Show at the Sterling Morton Library” which gave our members an opportunity to display their images – printed and digital – at the Sterling Morton Library on Jan. 26 & 27. Nearly 800 visitors braved the cold and snow to view the show over the 2 day period!

Thanks to all our MAPS members who entered their images and to Mary for this write-up. Also a special thanks to Tim Rex who promotes, collects, installs and returns our photos! Click on any image to enlarge: