Exhibits from 2021

Virtual Nature Exhibit

The Morton Arboretum Photographic Society (MAPS) is a community of artists dedicated to exploring and detailing the world through photographic images.  The Society is composed of professional and amateur photographers who freely share their expertise and passion for nature and the art of capturing compelling and artistic images.

Inspired by the Morton Arboretum’s dedication to protecting the environment and being the “Champion of Trees”, this photographic art exhibit provides unique insight into the beautiful diversity of habitats, animals, waters, skies, trees, plants and geology of planet earth.

For the first time in ten years, the MAPS Nature Photography Exhibit will be presented virtually.  All MAPS member were invited to contribute up to 3 images for this Virtual Exhibit.

The exhibit features 57 photographers and 167 nature-themed photographs detailing Midwest, national and international locations.  Text beneath each image in the slideshow indicates the artist’s name, title and whether the artwork is available for purchase.

At the end of the exhibit there are three buttons. Click on the “Exhibit Program” button to see the names and titles of artwork from the contributing photographers. Click on the “Photographer Contact Form” button to contact an artist whose work you are interested in purchasing. Your comments and feedback are most welcome, and can be communicated using the “Leave a Comment” button at the end of the exhibit.

We hope you enjoy the 2021 Morton Arboretum Virtual Nature Photography Exhibit!

Click on any image below to begin viewing the exhibit.