January 8, 2018 – MAPS Program – Mike Trahan presented “Nature Photography: A Practical Approach”

January 8, 2018 – MAPS ProgramMike Trahan presented “Nature Photography: A Practical Approach” on  Monday at 7:00PM in the Arbor Room, Thornhill Education Center

You’ve seen fine nature photos by others. Do you want to create them as well?  We walked through the various genres of nature photography and gave you practical suggestions on technique, settings,composition, equipment, and when to go out. Our session was oriented for the beginning/intermediate through advanced photographer.

Mike Trahan has been a birder (bird watcher) and nature lover for over forty years. He’s a member of a nature-only CACCA club, Riverwoods Nature, and is a past president at another CACCA club, the Lake County Camera Club. He’s won honors at the club, CACCA, and PSA levels as well as winning other Midwest photo competitions such as Lake County, Stewards of the Mississippi, and Ottawa National Forest. He’s also a past recipient of the CACCA Kohout award for teaching nature photography.  Mike really enjoys photography, nature, and sharing what he’s learned with you! Click here: Nature Photography Handout PDF-Mike Trahan

Thanks, Mike, for a great presentation! Your suggestions intermixed with humor was much appreciated! Please click on a photo to expand: