July, 2013 Outing – Goose Lake Prairie – Morris

Good to see such a group of dedicated photographers venturing into the prairie on another hot and humid Saturday morning! 

Although it was hot, there were many photo opportunities – prairie flowers, berries, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, an old windmill, wagon, and the Cragg cabin.  Nature also cooperated by sending in a few clouds to liven up the sky.  After a steamy photo shoot, we had the opportunity to cool off and learn a little more about the area from Art, the naturalist at the visitor’s center.  Next, we ventured to the historic and uniquely hospitable Weits Cafe for a hardy meal, some super-thick milkshakes and a good dose of conversation.

Thanks to all who attended for making this another fun photo outing.    

If you are interested in participating in the Goose Lake 7th annual Nature Photography Contest and Exhibit, additional information is available here:    http://gooselakeprairie.org/pdf_files/7th%20Annual%20Nature%20Photography%20Contest%20flyer.pdf

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