MAPS Election – December 2021

 Open positions on MAPS Board of Directors and Committees

MAPS celebrated its tenth anniversary last month! In those ten years we have had high quality presentations, photo outings, exhibits, and parties because there have been members willing to work to make those things happen. Now we need more members to step up to help MAPS continue these activities by joining the MAPS Board of Directors or the committees that organize those activities.

We will be holding an election for MAPS officers this year at the December MAPS meeting. Three officers are seeking another two year term, myself as President, William Miotek as Secretary, and Mary Mehl as Membership.  However,  Steve Bush, Vice President, and Tim Rex, Treasurer, have decided not to continue in their positions. Therefore, we need people to fill these positions. There are no prerequisite requirements for these positions. Board members are willing to guide volunteers in these positions as needed.

If you are interested in either the Vice President or Treasurer position please contact me directly at  Members can also run against the incumbents for President, Secretary or Membership. If there is more than one candidate for any position there will  be a vote by ballot.

We also need two people from the general membership to work with a member of the MAPS Executive Board on a Nominating Committee to prepare for the upcoming election. Contact me if you are willing to be part of that committee.

We also need a new Co-Chair for the Exhibits Committee. Darcy Berg is stepping down from that position but is willing to help guide new volunteers. Mary Mehl is continuing as Co-Chair, but we really need two people heading up that committee. Again contact me if you are interested.

I want to thank Steve Bush, Tim Rex, and Darcy Berg for their years of work on the MAPS Board of Directors. And thank the Officers and Committee Chairs who are continuing to work to make MAPS run. MAPS has a large membership, 195 at last count. We have maintained our membership and provided value for those members even through COVID. Now we need some of you to step up and help.

Tim O’Brien, President