Member Accomplishments

MAPS proudly presents the accomplishments of its members at non-MAPS events.  Whether it is part of an exhibit in a gallery or art show, a local or national contest, you’ll find it here.

July 2020

Photographic Society of America awarded Lawrence Golla a Certificate of Award for the picture of outstanding merit for the month of July 2020. The award was for color prints 2nd place.

Doesn’t Sell Glasses

February 2020

Congratulations to Christine Foley, Tim Rex, Lawrence Golla, Bonita Palma, Joan Kalmanek and Bob Dietz who has won awards from a juried art exhibition at the Bloomingdale Park District Road Trip Photo Show in Bloomingdale, Ill. The awards are for Best of Show, First Place, Second Place, Fourth Place and Honorable Mention (See photos below). Well done!

September 2019

One of our Maps members Dharma Alagaratnam has a private showing of his Hummingbird photos at Woodridge Library from Sept 7th through the 27th. Here are a few images:

April 2019

Congrats to this year’s MAPS members who’s images are displayed on the Cantigny Park Visitor Center’s Wall. Photos with names below – click on image to enlarge:

November 2018

Darcy Berg has an exclusive showing at the Prairie Center for the Arts in Schaumburg. Her art consists of prints on fabric that are then sewn into quilt sections along with other media. Her work is striking and members are encouraged to visit through the month of November. A video of Darcy as Artist of the Month, produced by the Schaumburg Art Center, is posted on Facebook as well. Here is a link to her video: Congratulations on your exhibit!

October 2018

Congratulations to Tim Rex who has won not one, but three top awards from a juried art exhibition at the 2018 Danada Nature Art & Photo Show in Wheaton, Ill. The awards are for Best of Show, First Place and Honorable Mention (See photos below). Well done, Tim!

September 2018

Congratulations to Bill Dixon who submitted 14 pieces to a non-juried art exhibition at the Tall Grass Art Studio in Park Forest, Il. Well done, Bill!

July 2018

Fermilab Photowalk 1st Place Winner, Ken Wickham!

On July 28, nearly 50 professional and amateur photographers from the Midwest and beyond were invited behind the scenes at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Cameras in hand, they were granted access to locations on the Fermilab site not usually accessible by the public, and they emerged with photographs that capture the fascinating science happening at one of the world’s premier particle physics laboratories. The winning photo, an overhead shot of a sculpture known as the Mobius Strip, was taken from the 15th floor of Fermilab’s Wilson Hall by Ken Wickham of St. Charles, Illinois. Congratulations, Ken!

April 2018

Cantigny Park, Wheaton

Congratulations to four MAPS members whose images were chosen to be displayed prominently in the Visitors Center for the year of 2018. They are: Peggy Evinger, David Evans, Larry Golla and Andy Dichter. Cantigny’s goal is to show new (and regular) visitors pictures that convey the unique diversity of the Park. They will be given to the participants at the end of the year. Click on a photo below to enlarge:

Congratulations to several MAPS members whose images were accepted into the “Connections” Exhibit at The Norris Gallery in St. Charles. Works for this show depicted relationships in which persons, things or ideas are linked in some way. The exhibit ran from Jan. 13-Feb. 17, 2018. Congrats to Mylinda Cane, Dave Evans, Claudia Frost, Larry Golla, Mary Mehl, Tim Rex, Kim Stines and Atala Toy.

Kim received an Award of Excellence and Atala and Mary, Honorable Mentions. Also, congratulations to Peggy Evinger who won an Honorable Mention for her photo at the 2017 Danada Fall Festival Art Fair. Click on image to expand:

MAPS member Deanna Swauger placed second in Mike Moats’ Flower Photo Contest!

Check out Deanna’s winning image on Mike’s blog at

A reception on June 3rd 2017 at Gallery Seven in Joliet honored the photographers whose work was presented in their 50-image juried national exhibition of fine art photography. MAPS members Bill Dixon, Tim Rex, Diana Chrisman, Dulcey Lima, Jim Matos and Christine Foley each had amazing images displayed. Bill Dixon was awarded 3rd place for his image, “Tolovana Beach“, Tim Rex won 1st place for his image, “Warp Speed“ and Jim Matos was awarded Honorable Mention for his image, “Early Morning Rainstorm, Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley”.

Joanne Barsanti was awarded Best in Show at the College of DuPage’s Exposed Photography Showcase on May 2, 2017

As a recent alumni of the Photography program at COD, Joanne was invited to participate in this third annual event, which was held at the College of DuPage Student Resource Center.

Joanne describes her Mixed Media work as nature-based photography with an Asian influence. In addition to her portfolio of Kozo paper prints with Momigami (paper-crinkling) treatment, she introduced her 6-panel prints on silk. She will be offering these works for sale this summer at Art Fairs in the Chicago Suburban area. To learn more, visit her website at


 A retrospective exhibit of thirty Nature Spirits art photographs by MAPS member Atala Toy will be on view at A Gallery of Nature, Wasco Nursery, St. Charles, IL, from May 12 through June 19, 9 to 5 daily. There will be an artist program and book signing on Saturday, June 3 from 3-5 pm.

The exhibit has been curated by Sharon Schmidt of Cultural Collection. It showcases Atala Toy’s portrait studies of nature spirits as seen in trees and rocks. Photographs include gnomes, elves, Grandmother trees, trees making social comments about humans, and buffalo and lion guardian spirits.

Known as a Tree Whisperer, Ms. Toy explains her work is a joint effort by the nature realm and herself to demonstrate the presence of intelligent life forms in nature. “Once we know nature is intelligent and creative,” she says, “it opens the possibility of working together to improve life for all.”

“I have written three books about the benefits available to our human world when we peacefully co-exist and cooperate with other life-forms. They are We Are Not Alone; Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts and Tree Spirits of North America. My lectures and workshops on this topic can be viewed on my company Crystal Life Technology’s YouTube channel.”

Author, artist and artisan, Ms. Toy focuses on advancing the cooperative inter-relationship of humans and nature. Her Crystal Life store in downtown Geneva, IL features a wide span of nature-focused items, many designed by her, including healing stone collections, gemstone jewelry, home décor and nature cards. Click to expand:

Claudia Frost named “Artist of the Month”

MAPS member, Claudia Frost, has been named Artist of the Month, and has a solo exhibit at the St. Charles Library. Congratulations Claudia!

Norris Gallery Reception Honored Winners of ‘Picture This’ Photography Exhibit

A public reception at the Norris Cultural Arts Center honored the photographers whose work was presented in the 150-image “Picture This” photography exhibit.

It included a ceremony in which The Norris Gallery committee presented three Awards of Excellence and five Honorable Mention Awards, as determined by the exhibit’s juror, award-winning photographer Bruce Starrenburg, who also delivered a brief presentation.

Award of Excellence winners were Joan M. Ladendorf of Hanover Park, for her digital composite, “Composition with Holes and Spikes”, Robert Marackses of Algonquin, for his palladium print alternative photo, “Chicago Cultural Center #1” and Tim Rex of Lockport, for his digital photograph, “Patriotic Stare.”

Honorable Mention winners were Bill Dixon, of Lemont for his digital/inkjet photo, “Meridian Road”, Daniel Grych of DeKalb for his digital photograph, “Martha’s Roses”, Jan Ivaska of Romeoville for the digital photograph “Desert Layers”, Cora Jacobs of Cicero for her pigment ink print “Shadow & Light” and Mary Mehl of Woodridge, for her digital photograph, “Tranquil Horizon.”

Additional MAPS members (all highlighted) included Christine Foley, David Evans, Claudia Frost, Donna Trinco, Ken Wickham, Sally Stancati, Joanne Barsanti, Sherry Snyder, Diana Chrisman, Atala Dorothy Toy, Jennifer Scavone, Kathy Leisten and Larry Golla.

Some photos below; sorry if not labeled with appropriate awards. Please click to enlarge:

Cantigny Park Photo Contest 2017

Cantigny Park in Wheaton holds a photo contest where twenty submitters are selected to have their images displayed in the main hallway of the Visitors Center until the end of the year. MAPS is pleased to have had two of its members chosen among the twenty. They are: Ken Wickham and Andy Dichter. Their winning photos, taken at the February 9th Cantigny reception, are displayed below. Click on an image to enlarge:

June 2016 – Gallery 7 – Open Lens VII – Click on images!

Christine Foley – Best in Show!

2nd Place – Diana Chrisman,    3rd Place – Tim Rex

HMs:      Bill Dixon,                               Dulcey Lima,                   Sherry Snyder

Donna Andrzejewski

Tim Rex Exhibit at ProCam April 16 – 17, 2016

Our own MAPS Treasurer, Tim Rex, displayed many of his (and our) favorite images, several of them macro and all of a unique design. Also shown were Tim’s bird photos including his now ubiquitous “Hummingbird”. Tim said there was a good turnout and ProCam was kind enough to provide a great venue. Congratulations to Tim for his fine presentation! Click on photos below to enlarge.

Woodridge Library February 2 until February 28

Woodridge Library private showing by our own Chuck Morris. 28 images of familiar locations at or near the Arboretum displayed in a very friendly venue. Stop by if you’re in the neighborhood! Click on images below for a sampling.

Cantigny Park Photo Contest 2016

Cantigny Park in Wheaton holds a photo contest where forty submitters are selected to have their images framed and displayed in the main hallway of the Visitors Center until the end of the year. MAPS is pleased to have had seven of its members chosen among the forty. They Are: Peggy Evinger, Dulcey Lima, David Evans, Sue Dichter, Tim O’Brien, Bill Miotek and Andy Dichter. Contest rules can be found on Cantigny’s website.

Their in situ photos are displayed below. The narrow hallway and intense lighting may have distorted some of the images. Please click on them for a closer look. Again, congratulations!

Bloomingdale Art Show – January, 2016

Christine Foley captured this sweet moment at the Geneva Christmas Walk and won Best of Show in Bloomingdale’s “Any Time, Any Place” exhibit.  More images from the exhibit can be seen in Exhibits. Congratulations, Christine!

We are also happy to display this honorable mention photo from Diana Chrisman. Her photo is named “Sweet Indulgence”. Congrats, Diana!

“Any Time, Any Place” – A Juried Photography Exhibition at the Bloomingdale Park District Museum.

Eighty eight framed images are currently on display at the “Any Time, Any Place” photography exhibit at the Bloomingdale Park District Museum in Bloomingdale.  Fifty photographers from the Chicagoland area are participating in the exhibit, including eleven MAPS members;  Joanne Barsanti, Noriko Buckles, Diana Chrisman, Bill Dixon, Christine Foley, Anne Frantzen, Cora Jacobs, Joan Kalmanek, Kathleen Leisten, Chuck Morris and Ken Wickham.  An Artist’s Reception was held on Friday, Jan. 22, and ribbons were awarded.  Bill Dixon received Honorable Mention for “Nuphar”, Diana Chrisman received Honorable Mention for “Sweet Indulgence”, Anne Franzen’s “High Noon” took 4th place,  Joan Kalmarek’s “Venice 11:10” took 3rd place and Christine Foley’s “It’s Magic” won Best of Show.    Congratulations to all of the MAPS members who are participating in this juried exhibition. The exhibit will continue through February 13, 2016.

The Bloomingdale museum is open Wednesday from 4-8pm, Thursday & Friday from 10am-4pm and Saturday from 12-4pm. Thanks to Diana Chrisman for providing both the photos and the above writeup.

Please click on any photo to enlarge:

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – Oct. 10 – Nov. 7, 2015

An outstanding multi-media exhibition, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, can be viewed at the Bloomingdale Park District Museum in Bloomingdale from Oct. 10 through Nov. 7.  MAPS members Joanne BarsantiNoriko Buckles and Larry Golla are participating in this juried exhibit of over 80 pieces of artwork.  Congratulations to Joanne Barsanti who received an Honorable Mention award for her image, “Foggy Morning Flight” and to Noriko Buckles who received Best of Show award for her image, “Rings of Ages.”  Click on image to enlarge:

Danada Nature and Art Show – Fall 2015

Many MAPS members had images exhibited in the recent Danada Nature and Art Show during their 2015 Fall Fest weekend. Peggy Evinger, Larry Golla, Joan Kalmanek, Susan Schmitz, David Evans, Mary Mehl and Joanne Barsanti had some beautiful landscapes, floral close-ups and animal photos on display. Congratulations to Peggy Evinger who earned an honorable mention award for her blue heron image, “Lunch at Herrick Lake”. Click on image below:

Congratulations to MAPS members Claudia Frost, Larry Golla and Tim Rex for exhibiting in the juried exhibition ,”Vicinity 2015″, at the Norris Gallery. The exhibit includes artwork in all media for artists residing within a 50-mile radius of the Norris Gallery.  Over 100 pieces of art are on display, including painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, fiber art, jewelry and mixed media.  The exhibit runs from September 4 – October 31 and is free to the public. Some images attached: Click to enlarge.

Congratulations to the MAPS winners of this year’s Cantigny Park photo contest. A reception was on February 5th 2015 where attendees discovered for the first time which images were chosen. The MAPS selectees are: Tim O’Brien, Mary Mehl, Sue Dichter, John Henderlite, David Evans, Susan Schmitz, Harv Meyers (not present) and Andy Dichter. Please click on a photo below to expand to a slide show of some of the pictures and MAPS members attending.

Several MAPS members had their work accepted into a juried exhibit being held at the Bloomingdale Art Museum. “Let There Be Light” is the title of the exhibit, which runs from January 10 through February 14, 2015. The Bloomingdale Art Museum is located at 108 S. Bloomindale Rd., Bloomingdale.

MAPS artists Anne Frantzen*, Cora Jacobs*, Diana Chrisman, Joanne Barsanti, Lawrence Golla*, Mark Bates*, Mary Mehl, Tammy Caltagirone* and Tim Rex* all had pieces exhibited, some of which are shown below. ( * indicates a ribbon was awarded). Please click on first image to view all.

Lisa Meinhard Sly featured in her her first solo exhibit at The Garlands of Barrington.

The exhibit featured over 30 of Lisa’s images including several that have appeared in Gallery 7 and MAPS spring exhibits. At this exhibit, visitors witnessed Lisa’s love of nature and how she seeks to capture beauty in line, shape and light. Her exhibit ran from Dec. 1-Jan. 3rd, 2015.

Congratulations to Bill Schauert, Peter Rooney and Barbara Work for having their images accepted and displayed in the Arbor Room of the Thornhill Education Center! 

Please click on the images to enlarge. Barb’s photo will be added at a later date.

Gallery 7 – Open Lens V Announces the Award Winners!

Congratulations to the 6 MAPS members who were announced as award winners at the Open Lens V Opening Reception on June 21, 2014. The winning MAPS members were as follows:

Patricia MannSymmetryBest in Show
Jim BodkinFlying Through a Snowstorm3rd Place
Diana ChrismanBubbling RoseHonorable Mention
Cora JacobsThe Violin MakerHonorable Mention
Hart KannegeisserKane County FarmHonorable Mention
Jon KinneyTake Me AwayHonorable Mention

Overall, a total of 17 MAPS members placed 23 images in the Top 51 final selections. And here is the complete list of our special artists (a number in parenthesis indicates number of images selected for this artist):

Diane Bodkin, Jim Bodkin (2), Diana Chrisman (2), Bill Dixon (2), Christine Foley, Susan Gajda, Cora Jacobs, Hart Kannegeisser, Jon Kinney, Kathleen Leisten, Dulcey Lima (2), Patricia Mann (2), Steven Mayer, David Schooley, Lisa Sly, Kim Stines (2), Frank Werner

Lisa Sly – The Art of the Land

Lisa Sly recently won second place in the McHenry County Land Conservancy’s “The Art of the Land” exhibit and photo contest.

“The Land Conservancy’s nature-inspired Art Event benefiting our beloved prairies, oak woodlands, wetlands & farmland. The artist’s love of McHenry County’s beautiful landscapes is reflected in their work, whether it be expressed with paint, fabric, glass, jewelry, wood, weaving or mixed media. Each year, favorite and fresh artists return to the historic Starline Gallery along with a growing audience of art-lovers to experience Art of the Land, and support The Land Conservancy’s mission of protecting and restoring the health of our local natural environment!”

Please click to enlarge Lisa’s photo:

Cantigny In Focus Exhibit – Feb. through Dec. 2014

This year, nine MAPS entries out of forty total photos are being shown in the main hallway of the Cantigny Visitors Center, up from seven last year! This is a great contest in that Cantigny frames the photos and displays them for almost a year and then returns it with the frame. Here are photos, such as they are, taken in situ at the reception Cantigny hosts for the forty winners. Mouse over the photos to see the name. Click on a photo to see it enlarged.

Cantigny Park 2012 In Focus Photography Contest Grand Prize 1st Place Winner: MAPS own Catherine Pawlik

Congratulations to MAPS member Catherine Pawlik for being the 2012 Cantigny In Focus Grand Prize winner by popular vote. The reason why is self-explanatory by the stunning photo below:

“A Closer Look” – Bloomingdale Art Museum Exhibit

Congratulations to our MAPS members, Cora Jacobs, Diana Chrisman, Joanne Barsanti and Steven Mayer who all have images on display in this popular show which features contemporary artistic photography. The exhibit runs from Jan. 11 through Feb. 15.

Waubonsee College Spring Student Art Show

Congratulations to Elsie McConnell who recently had a very special image on display in the Spring Student Art Show at Waubonsee College which was purchased for addition to the college’s permanent collection to be displayed in one of the buildings on the campus. It is a digital print converted to infra-red (b/w) and printed on metallic paper.

Elsie also submitted seven images to a juried show with the St Charles Arts Council to be exhibited at Festival of the Horse at Kane County Fairgrounds August 17/18.  We all expect a few will be accepted.

Gallery 7 – Open Lens IV Announces the Award Winners!

Congratulations to the 7 MAPS members who were announced as award winners at the Open Lens IV Opening Reception on June 15, 2013.  There were 12 total award winners out of the final 53 images exhibited.  The winning MAPS members were as follows:

Christine FoleyAt the Opera1st Place
Bill DixonPlantain Lily3rd Place
Diana ChrismanFlutes of LightHonorable Mention
Cora JacobsReflection of a Water LilyHonorable Mention
Chuck HunnicuttF-18 Vapor ConeHonorable Mention
Dulcey LimaMoody BluesHonorable Mention
Tina Tyson-DunneTendril Honorable Mention

Steven Mayer  showcased “Visions In Color” at Gallery 7

Our congratulations to Steven ~ 2012 Open Lens Best of Show Winner ~  for his art display “Visions In Color” which was on display at the June 15th Gallery 7 opening reception which will run through July 27th.  The gallery opening was presented in conjunction with the Open Lens IV opening reception which features the 2013 Open Lens Top 50 and announced this years award winners.

Gallery 7 – Open Lens IV Announces the Top 50 Finalists

Congratulations to the  21 MAPS members who placed in the Top 50. Award winners were announced at the opening reception on June 15th, 2013 at Gallery 7 in Joliet. The Open Lens IV exhibit is free, open to the public and will be on display from June 15 through July 27.

And here is the list of our special artists:Bill Dixon, Chris Foley, Chuck Hunnicutt, Cora Jacobs, Dan Wagner, Diana Chrisman, Diane Bodkin, Don Plocher, Dulcey Lima, Jim Bodkin, Jon Kinney, Judy Morgan, Karin Grunow, Kim Stines, Lisa Sly, Mark Bates, Owen Murray, Pat Mann, Steven Mayer, Sue Gajda, and Tina Tyson-Dunne.

Illinois Prairie Path ~ 5oth Year Anniversary Celebration

Congratulations to Chuck Hunnicutt, Dulcey Lima, Mary Mehl, Christine Foley, Tim O’Brien, Ann Stacy and Greg Blue whose images of the Prairie Path were part of the Experience the Illinois Prairie Path event on Saturday, May 18th  held at North Central College, Madden Theater.

Bill Miotek Solo Exhibit

Congratulations to Bill Miotek for his first solo exhibit showcasing his photography at the Caribou Coffee in Downers Grove, IL. The  exhibit ran for the month of November, 2012

Fermi Art Lab Gallery

Congratulations to Christine Foley who currently has two pieces on show at Fermi Lab Art Gallery. The show runs March 20 – May 7th, 2013.

“As We See It'” Exhibit and Gallery 200 in West Chicago

Congratulations to Tina Tyson-Dunne and Holly Tyson who are featured artists in the “As We See It” Exhibit and Gallery 200 in West Chicago. The reception is April 5th
from 6-9pm. The exhibit date: April 4 – 28th, 2013.

Helen Plumb Library

Congratulations to Tina Tyson-Dunne for her photography exhibit at Helen Plum Library in Lombard which runs through the end of March, 2013.

New IPP  (Illinois Prairie Path) Brochure

Congratulations to Chuck Hunnicutt, Dulcey Lima and Greg Blue for having their images selected for the new IPP 2013 Brochure.  MAPS is continuing its support of the IPP as it celebrates its 50th Anniversary of its rails to trails conversion. We urge all MAPS members to continue your support of IPP and join in on taking some seasonal images for their use.  For more information on IPP and the MAPS photo support click here.

Starved Rock Lodge “In Touch With Your Natural Side”- February, 2013

Congratulations to Andy Dichter for his third place award in the Senior Category:

Cantigny in Focus Photo Contest – 2012 Top 40 Images

The top 40 images selected from the 2012 edition of Cantigny in Focus will be on display in the Visitors Center gallery from Feb 1 – Dec 31.  Three grand prize winners will be determined by the public, with voting conducted throughout 2013.  Be sure to stop in to vote.

MAPS is proud to have 7 of the Top 40 winners for the 2012 contest.

Cantigny hosted a reception on February 7 to recognize the participants and the unveiling of the Top 40 gallery.  Five selected MAPS members were in attendance and enjoyed viewing all the winning images.

Friends of Danada Nature Art and Photo Show – October, 2012

Congratulations to Elsie McConnell for her Honorable Mention: