Monthly Programs

Meetings are held in the Arbor Room of the Thornhill Education Center on the west side of The Morton Arboretum on the second Monday of each month from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

The highlight of each monthly meeting is a presentation about a photography topic.  Presentations are typically oriented toward nature photography (animals, birds, insects) or landscape photography.  Past topics have also included photographic techniques, e.g. macro photography and flash photography.

Our program committee carefully selects the speakers.  All presenters are accomplished photographers, and many are involved in photography professionally and/or as teachers.  At one or two meetings a year, instead of a presentation, we offer non-competitive evaluation and critique of member-submitted images by a professional photographer.

Prior to the monthly program, MAPS features a Show & Tell hour starting at 6 pm.

July 2020

Robert E. Potter III  presents Panoramic Images of Nature

We viewed an awe inspiring collection of panoramic photographs of nature created by some of the worlds greatest photographers, and a few made by MAPS member R. E. Potter III. We learned about Aspect Ratio as well as what makes an amazing panoramic image of nature, and insight into how you too can make excellent images (rules of composition and creativity). We saw what kind of specialty cameras have traditionally been used to make panoramic images, and Bob introduced to how we can make these awesome panos using our own DSLR and Adobe Lightroom, or Adobe Bridge and Photoshop, or even just an iPhone! (Editor note: Android phones do it too!)

Robert’s Handout.

Click on images below to enlarge:

June 2020

Roger Mattingly presents: Flashy Flowers (Shooting flowers with off camera flash)

We are pleased to have Roger Mattingly ( demonstrate off-flash techniques to enhance and beautify images of flowers. Because of the pandemic, his was the first to be presented over the Internet using ZOOM. Please see photos below and click on them to zoom in. These are some of Roger’s examples taken by him but photographed from a computer screen. Thanks Roger— you are our first ZOOM pioneer!

Roger’s handout.

March 2020

Presentation by Nina Koziol “Birds, Butterflies, and Bees in the Home Garden”

Many common garden flowers provide nectar and pollen for an assortment of winged wonders. Nina showed examples of how to create a welcoming space in your garden for an assortment of butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and seed-eating birds.

Thanks Nina for a great presentation. Beautiful garden! Photos below courtesy Tim Rex:

February 2020

Presentation by Jerry Hug “Phone-ography – Getting the most out of your Mobile Photography”

Jerry demonstrated the surprisingly great images that can be captured by a modern smartphone. His presentation was both informative and interactive and most of all, enjoyable.

Jerry’s SnapSeed handout.

Photos below:

January 2020

We were especially pleased to have our former president Chuck Hunnicutt give a presentation on IR (infrared) photography. Startling and surreal photos can be taken using this format. Cameras can be “converted” by having a professional install an IR filter in the camera or by removing the “hot mirror” filter in the camera (this filter limits the camera sensor to visible light only) making the camera wide spectrum and subsequently adding screw-on filters on the lens. This includes adding the hot mirror back on to the camera lens making the camera perform as it has always done in the past. Great presentation Chuck!

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