Monthly Program – June 10, 2013 ~ Non-Competitive Educational Critique Night

On June 10, 2013 95 MAPS members and guests joined photographers Hank Erdmann and Ken Thompson for an evening of photographic critiques as they would in a classroom setting. This style of critique is essential for your growth as photographic artists. No need to be uncomfortable with the critique process. Whether you’re an accomplished photographer or just getting started, our panel of photographic educators will offer their opinions and suggestions to enhance your photographic knowledge and vision.

Quoting Hank: “Critique is little more than an opinion, but an opinion based on experience and skill.  Too many really good photographers make bad jurors/critiquers because they fail to remember that and fall back on silly things like “the maker should have been closer”. They worry they might insult vs. inform and fail to remember any constructive comment if made nicely and genuinely will inform.  To critique for me is to think how the image was executed vs. how I would attempt it, what in my mind works and what doesn’t and then explain how I would fix or execute the part I think doesn’t work as best it could.  Occasionally the best critique is just “Wow”.

MAPS will continue to present educational critique nights as part of its ongoing program offerings.