Joe & Judy Falout: Critique of MAPS Member Images

Joe has been involved with photography since 1980, beginning as a hobbyist producing color slides for Chicago area camera club competitions.  He began doing black and white darkroom work in 1983 and soon became totally committed to the creative aspects of fine art printing.  He was a dedicated user of the zone system and had worked with both 35mm and medium format film equipment.  Digital cameras are now exclusively being employed to utilize this expanding technology.  He is primarily interested in graphic isolation of elements in architectural photography and the production of full tonal range scenics under dramatic lighting conditions, drifting occasionally toward abstract or impressionistic images.  He also enjoys digital emulation of classic alternative processes.

Judy has been involved in photography since 1985, beginning as a member of the Downers Grove Camera Club and the Chicago Area Camera Clubs Association (CACCA), where she still participates regularly in monochrome, color print and digital image competitions. Her photographic interests cover a wide range of subject matter including landscapes, architecture, nature close-ups and strong graphic patterns. Judy has photographed in several mediums, including 35mm transparency, Polaroid Time-Zero film and direct digital capture.  She has a particular fondness for altered and/or manipulated images and has progressed from the traditional chemical darkroom techniques to the broader, high-tech spectrum of the digital realm.