Todd Gustafson: To the Ends of the Earth

Todd Gustafson is an award-winning photographer with extensive experience photographing wild life in Africa.  He regularly leads photo safaris in Africa.  He has published several books, and has been the principal contributor to a number of  recent TV wild life specials.

Todd’s presentation is based upon his extensive Photo Safari and wildlife photography experience.  The presentation will focus on his new program, To the Ends of the Earth, based on a high-end limited edition three-book set. Book one is East Africa with a foreword by Jane Goodall; book two is Birds of East Africa with a foreword by Peter Raven; and book three is The Natural World with a foreword by Carl Safina.  Todd is donating his honorarium from tonight’s presentation to Roots & Shoots, Project Tiger, Rain Forest Corridor Expansion in Costa Rica, and the Oceans Foundation and a portion of the book sales will also be contributed as well.  Todd is also filming a one-hour special for PBS that chronicles the making of the book. The first official announcement will be at the Royal Geographical Society in London.  

Todd Gustafson grew up in Tanzania and has been leading safaris to east Africa for 20 years. Lincoln Park Zoo, Smithsonian, and The Discovery Channel use his images in displays and publications. Nikon calendars, Full Product Guides, Tradeshow displays and Nikon Brand Video all use Todd’s images. Todd has been the “on screen expert” for two National Geographic Great Migration television specials. Iconic Gustafson Photo Safari bird photographs hang in the San Diego Museum of Natural History as part of the “Birds of the World” exhibit.  His award-winning photographic skills, knowledge of animal and bird behavior, as well as his ability to work with knowledgeable local contacts, have put his tours in great demand. Over this time he has built a global team of experienced photo guides and drivers that are one of the keys to the success of his safari business.