Multi-Club Programs

MAPS recently started exploring the ability to host programs with other camera clubs, which will allow us to expand the topics presented to MAPS members. We expect to do one or two per year.

Multi-Club Programs are expected to be only available through Zoom. No in-person attendance. And we expect to have a recording that can be viewed at a later time.

All MAPS members will be notified about upcoming Multi-Club Programs via emails and posting on this website. In some cases, registration will be required.

Recent Multi-Club Programs

May 2023

Dan Anderson – The Art of Landscape Photography Using a Drone

Drone photography is a new way of seeing and imagining the world as you explore. Like any new photographic tool, this new perspective of viewing the land is full of promise but demands fresh thinking and a new visualization of the entire concept of the landscape image from the start to the finished product.

Our presenter, Dan Anderson, a Door County Wisconsin photographer, discussed the details of drone best practices and focused on the specific photographic ideas and opportunities for still images introduced by this new tool for creating landscape photographs.

About Dan Anderson

Daniel Anderson lives in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin – near the very tip of the Door Peninsula. He has photographed widely throughout the United States and Europe and has taught many workshop since the 1980’s. He also leads photographic tours to many exciting locations in many parts of the world.

He began his photographic career after studying with Ansel Adams by making finely crafted black and white prints with an 8 x 10 view camera. He has evolved into digital printing using high end digital equipment and technologies and now is able to produce both color and black and white prints to even higher standards than were possible in the film era. 

His work also includes a series of landscape images from Antarctica, Door County, Chile, Greece, Greenland, Italy, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Spain, and the Faroe Islands. He has also photographed a series of Cathedrals and Abbeys,  Door County barn interiors and a multi-year project of a single Door County farm. His work has been widely exhibited throughout the U.S. and Europe and his images are found in many public and private collections. His work may be seen at Fine Line Designs Gallery in Sister Bay Wisconsin and in his Ellison Bay Studio by appointment. 

Visit Dan’s website at

Recording: Dan Anderson – The Art of Landscape Photography Using a Drone