November 11, 2013 ~ Non-Competitive Educational Critique Night

MAPS Monthly Program – November 11, 2013 ~ Non-Competitive Educational Critique Night

Whether you’re an accomplished photographer or just getting started, our panel of photographic educators will offer their opinions and suggestions to enhance your photographic knowledge and vision.

Join photographers Fred Drury and Sheri Sparks with their extensive photographic skills as they critique your images as they would in a classroom setting. This style of critique is essential for your growth as photographic artists. No need to be uncomfortable with the critique process.

We will be accepting images for critique via email starting Friday, November 1 through Thursday, November 7. We are planning on critiquing 35 images that night.

The process will be as follows:

Each member can submit 1 primary image and 1 additional image. They must be numbered 1 and 2. We will accept the first 35 members to respond. Should we have less than 35 requests we will use members additional images (#2) picked randomly.

Images should be sent via email to Steven Mayer using the following Photo Submission guidelines.

Specifications for Submitting Photos

1. Photos are to be cropped and adjusted so that they are the “final product” that is to be submitted.

2. Name your photos with your name followed by a sequence number.

§ This will help with the loading of photos, and will enable them to be shown in the sequence you prefer.

3. Photos are to be saved/exported to a JPG or JPEG format.

§ Compression – Most photo editors offer some form of compression. When saving/exporting the “final product”, consider compressing the image to some degree.

– In Lightroom use a Quality of 75.

– In Photoshop use a Quality of 8.

– In Aperture use a Quality of 8.

§ Color Space – Most photo editors offer color space conversion. When saving/exporting, specify “sRGB” or “sRGB IEC61966-2.1”.

4. Photos are to be saved/exported with 2000 pixels on the longest size.

§ Some photo editors (i.e.: Lightroom) will provide this option in their export menu.

§ Some photo editors (i.e.: Photoshop) will require that you resample the image.

§ Photo editors want a resolution, even though it is not really needed for what we are doing. Use a value between 200 and 300.

5. If your photo editor offers output sharpening when saving/exporting, select “sharpening for screen”.

§ Do not let your email program resample or down size the images.

§ Do not let the total size of any one email go above 10 MB.

§ When the images have been received and saved, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

§ If there are issues with the images, you will receive notice of this.


If you have questions, please contact Steven Mayer for assistance. I will acknowledge each submission via email upon receipt of your images. Questions are always welcome.

Enjoy and take advantage of this wonderful educational opportunity.

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