August 2012 Photo Outing – Part 3 – Cantigny Park

Due to the lack of rain we moved our third photo outing for the month of August. Saturday, August 25, 2012, MAPS traveled to Cantigny Park. This trip provided us all with the opportunity to capture an award winning image for the next Cantigny Park Photo Contest. The link above provides additional information.

The morning started out early with everyone meeting outside the visitor’s center.  After a few brief words about the day everyone dispersed across the park.  Many of the prepared gardens showed the stress of this summer, but many were thriving.  A few people ventured beyond the beds and headed off to the woods to find what they could.

The park is beautiful, but as with all things natural as the temperature rose the photographers began to wither.  Within a couple of hours our hearty photogs were ready to grab a bite to eat and to cool off.

Check out the results below.