January 22, 2015 – Colbert Custom Framing & Art Printing – Naperville

On January 22, we shared one of MAPS’ more unusual outings at Colbert Custom Framing and Art Printing in Naperville; a guided tour and demonstrations of the various steps required to produce a successful framed photo suitable for exhibiting. The evening included an introduction to the family run business, a discussion focused on preparing images for printing, a demonstration of the professional printing process, and what to consider when mounting and framing. Additionally, MAPS member, Mark Bates, demonstrated the impact of using different types of paper when printing at home. Our hosts, Kevin, Sue and Stephanie Colbert printed for all an 8×10 photo from flash drives submitted by attending members. Another 10 prints were raffled off as well (interestingly, the photos were printed on one sheet (roll) on a 60″ printer and then cut to 8×10). To add to the evening, refreshments were served by the Colberts. Attending members really enjoyed this special outing as testified by the included photos below. Special thanks to Barbara Work for organizing this event. Thank you as well to the Colberts for sharing their impressive start to finish facilities.

Remember to click on a photo below to begin the slide show.

 Your MAPS Outing Team