Sunday, October 18 – Photo Outing to Funks Grove, IL

We had a wonderful day in Funks Grove. Nancy planned a great outing, enjoyed by all. Once we navigated the charming country roads and found each other, we began to explore Funk’s Grove – the old church, the cemetery, and the chapel in the woods. We even had a “ghostly” appearance in the cemetery; Tim Rex dressed in a ghost costume and we tried outdoing each other’s efforts to create haunting ghost images among old cemetery tombstones. John Hagstrom is writing a book on Route 66 and shared a wealth of information with us, piquing our interest to further explore this interesting part of the state. We headed into Atlanta for lunch at the famous landmark Palms Grill Café. We enjoyed touring the town and meeting Bob Ford, who creates art from the most beautiful wood pieces. Bob also manages the museum across the way where we enjoyed photographing antiques. Some of us went over to the granary and railroad tracks to photograph. Others moved on to an old gas station and train station. On the way home we stopped in the town of Dwight which boasts the last Philipps 66 gas station along Route 66 to close for service. It is now a museum and is worth a visit. Dwight also boasts the only bank designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and a charming windmill located on the grounds of the Country Mansion restaurant. Great trip!