MAPS Macro Extravaganza Outing – Saturday, January 23, 2016

We had a great turnout for our Macro Extravaganza. ProCam let us use their wonderful studio and supplied lighting for all our tables. Bill enjoyed helping those who asked for assistance. A big THANKS to ProCam for their generosity!

 Members had an ample supply of props to use with all the various set-ups; glycerin drops on glass, slinkies, textured glass, bokeh, and very special rocks and gems loaned to us for the day from Atala Toy from her shop Crystal Life Technology in Geneva. Thanks Atala!

 It was fun to try the different stations, although there certainly was not enough time to try them all. You can recreate the set-ups at home and keep experimenting. It was really nice to see members helping members when things just didn’t work as expected. And it’s a testament to the dexterity of our members that no one tripped and fell over all the wires!

 Thanks to everyone who helped set up, and especially to those who stayed and cleaned up!