Photo Outings from 2017

IlluminationsNovember 30, 2017

MAPS members didn’t have to brave the cold at all for this year’s ILLUMINATION unlike those who braved the record cold temps on Nov. 18, 2014, to shoot images of the beautiful light exhibit at the Arboretum on November 30, 2017. Night photography is always a challenge, but this year with the pleasant weather, 30 MAPS members didn’t have to worry about frozen fingers and could take their time composing and shooting.

Before we hit the trail, all enjoyed our speaker for the evening, Bill Miotek, a long time MAPS member and also our MAPS Board Secretary. Bill’s talk helped us to understand the best approach to capturing various Illumination scenes. Thank you Bill!

Images can be viewed here.

Maple Grove, Downers Grove – October 17, 2017

Images can be viewed here.

Waterfall Glen, Darien – October 19, 2017

Images can be viewed here.

Greene Valley, Naperville – October 24, 2017

High-quality oak woodlands, view of 1841 Oak Cottage farmhouse, part of the historic Greene Homestead, savannas and wetlands — waterfowl, herons, egrets, toads, frogs, mammals, meadowlarks, bobolinks, owls. Click here to see participant’s photos.

Meacham Grove, Bloomingdale – October 31, 2017

Images can be viewed here.

LeRoy Oaks Forest Preserve, St. Charles – September 23, 2017

MAPS members visited LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve Saturday morning, September 23, to capture images of woodland oaks, Ferson Creek and various prairie species.  Even though autumn has arrived by calendar standards, the temperature soared to the middle 90’s with lots of humidity.  The small cordial group of nine enjoyed shooting the majestic oak site and meandering creek, exchanging photo information and getting to know one another better.

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Fabyan Garden and Villa Tour – September 13, 2017

MAPS members enjoyed the opportunity to tour the Fabyan Japanese Garden and Villa. 

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Wisconsin 3-day Multiple OutingsAugust 17-19, 2017

About a dozen MAPS members enjoyed acres of sunflowers covering the picturesque hills of the Pope Farm Conservancy in Middleton, WI.  While rain threatened the event off and on, photographers took advantage of the wonderful backdrop of ominous clouds.  Sunny skies prevailed the rest of the weekend to give the group enjoyable summer weather conditions while visiting the serene Olbrich Botanical Gardens and the red and black color-themed Rotary Botanical Gardens in Janesville.

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Ball Horticultural Gardens, West Chicago – July 22, 2017

The day started off rainy, but all was clear by 8:00 am. We left the shelter of our cars and wandered out into the beautiful gardens at Ball. All the flowers were covered in raindrops. Photo opps weren’t hard to find! 

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Northwind Perennial Farm, Burlington, WI – July 1, 2017

MAPS members braved the heat and drove up to Northwind Perennial Farm in Wisconsin. We met with the staff to hear a short history and introduction to the place and then went out into the vast gardens to photograph to our hearts’ content.

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Origami in the Garden, The Morton Arboretum – June 17, 2017

Nine Origami/MAPS enthusiasts explored 25 displays featuring 40 origami-inspired sculptures along a mile walking path at the Arboretum on a Saturday morning.

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Chicago Botanic Gardens, Glencoe – April 22, 2017

At least 26 MAPS members met Saturday morning to photograph the thousands and thousands of flowering bulbs. — from eye-catching tall hybrid tulips to the shorter plants in this group of bulbs, plants whose petals open wide to the sun and whose foliage sports stripes or mottled markings. After about three hours of photography, some of the members enjoyed brunch at the Garden Cafe.  Click here to see member submitted photos.

Hausermann’s Orchid Nursery, Villa Park – March 25, 2017

We had over 20 members show up at Hausermann’s Orchids for the outing. Thanks to Hausermann’s for opening early for us! There was plenty of room to spread out and set up tripods, backdrops, etc. As usual there was a nice variety of wonderful orchids to photograph.

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Still Life Indoors – The Morton Arboretum – February 25, 2017

Twenty-five MAPS photographers met at Thornhill in the Arbor Room the last Saturday in February to participate in the Still Life II Outing.  Lights and props filled the tables alongside tripods and eager members preparing and re-arranging their displays.  The room was very, very quiet……

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Raptors for Photographers at Stillman Nature Center, Barrington – February 4, 2017

Stillman Nature Center is always a great place to see and photograph raptors on their special photography days.

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Shooting Organic Still Life – January 21, 2017

A big shout-out to ProCam and Bill Skinner who let us use their wonderful studio and supplied lighting for all our table stations. Also a big THANKS to ProCam for their generosity, technical assistance and for providing a delicious pizza lunch!

Thirty-five MAPS members attending the outing enjoyed styling their still life images, playing with composition, backgrounds and mancopy props from home.  MAPS provided colorful fruits, vegetables and flowers; natural organics for members to try with various antique items.

They experimented with about 8-10 different lighting stations including a variety of light set-ups, light tents, soft boxes, a green screen, shooting table and various LED portable units.

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