BRINGING NATURE INSIDE: Shooting Organic Still Life, Sat., Jan. 21, 2016 – Photo Outing at ProCam in Aurora

A big shoutout to ProCam and Bill Skinner who let us use their wonderful studio and supplied lighting for all our table stations. Also a big THANKS to ProCam for their generosity, technical assistance and for providing a delicious pizza lunch!

Thirty-five MAPS members attending the outing enjoyed styling their still life images, playing with composition, backgrounds and many props from home.  MAPS provided colorful fruits, vegetables and flowers; natural organics for members to try with various antique items.

They experimented with about 8-10 different lighting stations including a variety of light set-ups, light tents, soft boxes, a green screen, shooting table and various LED portable units.

Participants are encouraged to try the set-ups at home and keep honing their skills. We still have cold days ahead!

It was really nice to see members helping and working together when things just didn’t’t go as expected. And it’s a testament to the dexterity of our members (again) that no one tripped and fell over all the wires!

Thanks to the Outings Team and everyone else who helped set up, and especially to those who stayed and finished wrapping up the event.