Photo Outings from 2020

Holiday & Winter – December Challenge

For inspiration:

View Holiday & Winter images from the challenge.

Compositions – November Challenge

Suggested references:

View composition images from the challenge.

Autumn Images – October Challenge

If you’re into landscape photography, the fall is the best time to show the colorful landscape. The ever changing prairies are a challenge for flower and plant photography.  Macro shots of leaves and plants are some of the most interesting photos.

References to read:

View autumn images from the challenge.

Landscapes – September Challenge

Read this National Geographic article on landscape photography

Other references to look at:

View landscapes from the challenge.

Patterns, Shapes, and Textures – August Challenge

Pick an ordinary object that you see every single day — something at your home or office, or along your daily commute — and find as many different ways of photographing it as possible.

  • How does its shape change under varying lighting conditions?
  • What kinds of lines and angles are created when you view it from different perspectives?
  • What textures and patterns do you discover as you zoom in or out?

Some references for you to investigate:

View Patterns, Shapes, and Textures from the challenge.

Photograph Through Your Window – June through August

Don’t have a good view?  Shoot objects inside your home!  Flowers, plants, fruit, etc and post those images on our website.

View Creatures and Things from the challenge.

Black and White Photography – July Challenge

Shooting in black and white can bring a new perspective that can’t be expressed through color. The disregard for color puts an emphasis on critical fundamentals such as light, exposure, and composition. Learn to see in black and white!

View Black and White images from the challenge.

Wabi-Sabi (Imperfection in Photography) – June Challenge

To see Wabi-Sabi beauty often requires thinking in a more abstract way. You need to look at an item or scene not as an item/scene, but rather look at the shapes, tones, patterns, and colors. If you look at things close-up, there are an almost endless variety of subjects. The stains on an old baking tray. The patterns on the surface of dirty washing-up water. Rust and dirt on old tools. Thinking abstractly so you see the patterns and texture present, rather than just a well-worn object, can help greatly in seeing the photographic potential of the object.

View Wabi-Sabi images from the challenge.

Bonsai Silhouette Show at Cantigny Park – February

There were members who showed up but didn’t register and ten members who did register for the bonsai show which started at 10 am and ended at 4 pm. The outings committee hopes that all the members who visited took some nice pictures of bonsai in their winter form. Also there were supplies for sale such as tools, pottery, plants, and demo’s to get you started to create your very own bonsai.

The Prairie State Bonsai Society presented quite a few displays and bonsai vendors were there to answer any questions you may have had.

View Images from the outing.

Macro Photo Shoot in the Arbor Room – January

Even though the weather prevented many members from attending, sixteen MAPS members enjoyed a morning of experimenting with different scenarios set up in the spacious well-lit meeting room at the Thornhill Education Center.  A big THANK YOU is extended to Tim Rex for his demonstration on high contrast photography and to Darcy Berg for helping and assisting members with the equipment.

All the members brought equipment (lighting, reflectors, and backdrops) to arrange the props and share with each other.  Fresh flowers and fruit, pottery, glassware, metal objects, feathers, you name it were available for a fun filled morning of macro and close-up photography. 

View Images from the outing.