Photo Outings from 2022

The Schulenberg Prairie 60th Anniversary Project

To mark the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of the Schulenberg Prairie, MAPS members participated in a project to capture images of the Prairie during all four seasons – from September 2021 through October 2022. Links to the albums are below and include a link to images of the prairie burn completed in the spring of 2022.

The Morton Arboretum’s Illumination – November

A big shout out and many thanks to the MAPS members who came out to the Arboretum’s Illumination photo outing. The weather was wonderful, the light display amazing and the atmosphere was excellent. 

Beginning at the Visitor Center, the Illumination trail led us around Meadow Lake which was aglow with its Radiant Reflections, through the Woodland Wonderland to the Symphony Woods which paired light with music. Passing Ornament Hill and Treemagination, the trial led to the Sky Light Magic display in the new Gerard T. Donnelly Grand Garden where a fitting finale awaited.

It was certainly nice to be out as a group, meeting new members and practicing our craft.  Click here to see participant’s photos. 

Starved Rock State Park – October

A big thank you to all the maps members who traveled to Utica for the Starved Rock outing. The hikes were short, the weather was picture perfect and photo opportunities seemed endless. The morning light streaming into the canyons combined with the fall colors made for a great day of shooting. Photos in all directions! For those who enjoy macro photography, the fallen leaves on the canyon floor made for some interesting and beautiful shots. The dry stream beds gave us the opportunity to shoot from different perspectives that are normally under water. Council Overhang was amazing and to gain a full perspective as to the enormity of this natural wonder, some were not against a person in their scene.

Click here to see the images that have been posted by the outing participants.

The Lipizzan Stallions at Tempel Farms – September

A big shout out and many thanks to the great turnout of MAPS members who braved the freeway traffic for the photo outing in Old Mill Creek at Tempel Farms to see the magnificent Lipizzan Stallions.

The opportunity to photograph these majestic and graceful creatures was amazing. We were able to photograph three different stallions as they raced around a photo-friendly corral. We then had a couple more close-up photo shoots inside the stable where the handlers positioned the stallions in dress with some very gentle inside light. Lastly, we were treated to experience the farms’s four mares with their foals as they frolicked inside the corral before being turned loose into the pasture.

It was nice to be out as a group in such lovely surroundings. The weather was perfect and the horses were very photogenic. Click here to see participants’ photos.

Ball Horticultural Gardens – August

A big shout out and many thanks to the handful of MAPS members who braved the high humidity and temperatures for the photo outing at Ball Horticultural Center in West Chicago.

The Gardens at Ball are home to a wealth of horticultural introductions and improvements for over 80 years. There are over nine acres of display beds for annuals, perennials, cut flowers and vegetables, including the newest new plants from the industry’s leading breeders and marketers.

The variety of plants, the mixture of colors and the expertly manicured beds were a joy to photograph. It was nice to be out as a group in such a lovely and vibrant surrounding. Click here to see participant’s photos.

Summer Schulenberg Prairie Photo Outing – July

Thanks to each of you for joining this outing to help celebrate the Schulenberg Prairie’s 60th anniversary! We trust our expert guides, Kathleen Thomas, Jane Barnett, and Dulce Lima answered all your questions as well as providing interesting background about the Schulenberg Prairie.

We look forward to seeing your great photos posted on the MAPS website and hope you’ll consider submitting some of them for display during the October 12-16 Schulenberg Prairie Exhibit in the Sterling Morton Library. Image submission will begin August 1.

Click here to enjoy participants images.

Spring Valley Nature Center and Volkening Heritage Farm – June

A big shoutout and many thanks to the hardy handful of MAPS members who braved high temperatures for our photo outing at Spring Valley Nature Center and Volkening Heritage Farm in Schaumburg. 

Beginning at the Visitor Center, the main trail led us through a prairie dotted with wildflowers, past the wetlands and pond with birds and water fowl, to a cabin nestled in the woods. At the end of the trail, we explored the 1841 Oak Cottage farmhouse (part of the historic Greene Homestead) and a number of barns, farm machinery and animals. It was certainly nice to be out as a group, meeting new members, and practicing our craft.  

Click here to see photos of fellow members.