Ask MAPS Members

Do you have a photography-related question? An experience to share? Gear to sell? Ask MAPS Members gives you a way to get in touch with the entire MAPS membership using the form below to draw on the knowledge and experience of the group. The message you create in the form is broadcast as an email to the entire MAPS membership (and only the MAPS membership).

What are some ways you can use Ask MAPS Members?

  • Advertise photography gear to sell.
  • Broadcast interest in acquiring a certain piece of photography gear (new or used).
  • Ask a question about shooting at The Morton Arboretum or any other location.
  • Ask about the use of a specific piece of photography gear or software.
  • Make other members aware of photo exhibitions or contests.
  • Make a recommendation about a location where you have shot.
  • Finding a location with specific features. Waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, for example.
  • Ask other members about their interest in going to a photo outing location.
  • And more…

There are two important things to keep in mind:

  1. All message requests are moderated by a member of the MAPS Executive Board or one of the Board committees. Message requests that contain inappropriate content or are originated by non-members will not be forwarded to the membership and will be deleted.
  2. Once an email has been moderated and broadcast to the membership, any follow-on email conversations are neither seen by the other MAPS members nor moderated by MAPS.