Photo Workshops

MAPS offers free workshops in an effort to expand our members’ educational opportunities.  These workshops are presented by MAPS members who are generously donating their time and expertise.  All MAPS members in good standing can sign up for any of these workshops.

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  • You don’t need to be an expert to present at a workshop, just have a willingness to share some knowledge.  If you are interested in doing so, please contact Bob Duke.

We make various handouts/notes from the workshops available to all MAPS members.  Please click here.

Off Camera Flash Photography

Most of us use existing, ambient, light when we photograph nature.  But we can further refine our results when we use and control the lighting.

Tim Rex will be leading two workshops on off-camera flash photography, and they look to be jam packed with information.  The current agenda for workshops is as follows:

April 17th – Off-camera flash lecture & demonstration

  1. Exposure Triangle
  2. Flash Exposure Triangle
  3. Camera and Flash Settings
  4. Guide Numbers Settings
  5. Flash Sync Speeds
  6. Light Falloff
  7. Flash to Subject Distance
  8. What Effects Flash Exposure
  9. Flash Output Level
  10. Flash Zoom Position

May 15th – Off-camera flash hands on training & practice

  1. This class will include hands on training
  2. Learn how to use Guide Numbers
  3. How to set the correct Flash settings
  4. Show different types Flashes and how to use them
  5. How to darken backgrounds using Flash
  6. Examples of darkening backgrounds, light falloff, shutter speeds, flash to subject distance and more

When:  Tuesday at 6:30-9:00 pm
Where:  Classroom B, Thornhill

To register for the April workshop, please click here.

Please contact Bob Duke ( if there are questions or cancellations.