Photo Workshops

MAPS offers free workshops in an effort to expand our members educational opportunities.  These workshops are presented by MAPS members who are generously donating their time and expertise.  All MAPS members in good standing can sign up for any of these workshops.

  • You don’t need to be an expert to present at a workshop, just have a willingness to share some knowledge.  If you are interested in doing so, please contact Greg Blue.
  • We make various handouts/notes from the workshops available to all MAPS members.

Upcoming Workshops

Better People Photography – Roger Mattingly

Learn better people photography using your existing camera and flash. We will talk about using bounce flash inside and fill flash outside to create quality people pictures to hang on the wall and show your friends. Live exercises with your equipment including posing and background suggestions.

When: Saturday, September 30, 2023 – 8am to Noon
Where: Thornhill, Classroom C (downstairs)

Bring your instruction book for your flash and camera.

Dress sharp because you are going to take turns shooting and being the model.

Tips and tricks will help you with individual head shots, couples, small groups, and shooting your grand children while they play and look cute.

Seating for this workshop is limited to 15 participants. Register here.

Light Painting 2 – The Intimate Landscape – Chris Foley

A Light Painting is an image that is created by capturing a long exposure of a dark scene that contains a moving light source.

“Intimate Landscapes are photographs that derive their subject matter from small details within a larger scene. They guide the eye through the composition, asking us to consider what not only lies within the frame, but also outside of it.” Charlotte Gib

By combining Light Painting in an Intimate Landscape, the Photographer is able to create an image that is impossible to create by any other means. You are able to paint elements in the scene to tell your story.

This is a three part workshop, please make sure you are able to attend all three sessions.

Monday, October 2, 2023Introductory Zoom Overview6:30pm – 7:30pm
Tuesday, October 24, 2023Field Workshop – Thornhill Area5:30pm – 8:30pm
Wednesday, November 1, 2023Follow-up Zoom Image Review7:00pm – 8:00pm

Be sure to read and print a copy of the What to Bring list for this workshop so you’ll arrive prepared!

Seating for this workshop is limited to 16 participants. Register here.

Photographing Silkies and Swirls – Mark Bates

Have you ever heard of silkies and swirls? You may not be alone, so MAPS member Mark Bates begins this three-part workshop with an orientation (via Zoom) to explain what are meant by “silkies” and “swirls” and to introduce participants to this type of photography. Then, in the second meeting, he will lead participants on a field exercise to shoot images of water. Finally, participants will be invited to send one or two images to Mark so he can provide feedback in a final Zoom meeting.

Dates and Times:

  • October 10 (Tuesday):  Orientation via Zoom (6:30pm – 7:30pm)
  • October 11 – October 27: Field Exercises – Times and Location(s) TBD
  • November 2 (Thursday): Image Review via Zoom (6:30pm – 7:30pm)

Be sure to read and print a copy of the Equipment list for this workshop.

Seating for this workshop is limited to 12 participants. Register here.

Past Workshops This Year

Introduction to Infrared Photography
July 2023 – Instructor: Chuck Hunnicutt

This was an introductory workshop aimed at photographers who are considering infrared photography.  With infrared, the photographer can created images that are beautiful and unique both in color and black and white.  Practical infrared photography requires a slightly modified camera and a reasonable proficiency in post processing.  This workshop presented examples of what is possible with infrared, the camera modification alternatives, and basic post processing steps.  At the conclusion, participants had enough information to know if infrared is an approach they wished to pursue and the confidence to know which camera modifications could be right for them.

Under the Hood of Your Camera
May 2023 – Instructor: Roger Mattingly

Under the Hood Participants

The theme of Under the Hood of Your Camera was learning to be the boss of your camera. It was developed for photographers who already know how to take a picture but aren’t happy with the results, who are not quite sure about nailing exposure or how to use the options in camera set up to give the best results.

Some of the topics that were covered included

  •  How to determine correct exposure
  •  Using the histogram for correct exposure
  •  Using the exposure triangle to advantage
  •  When to change the ISO and why
  •  Role of exposure compensation and setting it on your camera 
  •  Color balance beyond Automatic White Balance, why should you care?
  •  The definition of color temperature
  •  How to set correct color temperature
  • Depth of field, Filters, and Sharpening
  •  Demo of basic corrections in Lightroom if you did not get it right

Road Trip to Colbert Custom Framing & Art Printing
May 23, 2023 – Instructor: Stephanie Colbert

This workshop featured a guided tour and demonstrations of the various steps required to produce a successful framed photo suitable for exhibiting. Instruction included how to focus on preparing images for printing; see a demonstration of the professional printing process; and learn what to consider when mounting and framing. Each MAPS member was able to have one (1) 8×10 photo printed. This was a great workshop for beginners who learned how to process and size the images, demonstrations of printing, matting and framing basics, including matting, framing, glass and paper options, and various pricing options.

Light Painting 1 – Tabletop Still Life Basics
June 3, 2023 – Instructor: Chris Foley

Light painting is the art of creating photos by setting long exposure times on a camera and using a moving light source to “paint.” The camera shutter is left open while the artist draws in the air using a light source. In this workshop students saw examples of light painting photographers’ work; learn the basics and the crucial technical vocabulary for long exposures; how to set up your camera, including the use of gels; and the best way to set the scene. Students made DYI flashlight modifiers, set up a still life, and actually begin to paint. There was a follow up Zoom meeting for students to share their work.