Show & Tell from 2015

November 9, 2015

We were happy to show the fine works of our own member Noriko Buckles at last night’s November meeting. Noriko shared her images from her Route 66 journey as well as additional nature photos. Her presentation included a slide show on the TV monitor as well. Noriko outdid herself by bringing in over 80 (maybe more) images. There was a great deal of interest in her Rt. 66 photos. The November meeting is usually well attended which brought in even more viewers to see her art. Thanks, Noriko! Well done. Click on an image to enlarge:

October 12, 2015

MAPS is pleased that our very own Christine Foley presented her great photographs as well as a slide show at October’s S&T. They consisted of travel, street and other of her personal favorites. Viewing her regular submissions to our Outings column confirms her exceptional talent. Here is her Artist Statement:

Photo-Expressionistic Style- personal, emotional – I move beyond the traditional towards more expression of mental thoughts during the time of capture. The inception of my images starts before the shutter clicks and are often enhanced slightly in post to make my vision a reality. I am invigorated by scenes with muted light, deep colors, shapes and textures in the world around me. My motivation is to express or evoke a feeling, tell a story, and to make a connection between the subject, the viewer, and myself.  To create Fine Art Photography with an Artistic twist. Please click below to enlarge image:

September 14, 2015

Tonight’s S&T featured the images of MAPS’ own member, Claudia Frost. This was a very well attended meeting and Claudia’s metal prints were well complimented by the membership! Thanks, Claudia for a great Show & Tell. Images below. Please click to enlarge.

Extracted from Claudia Frost’s Artist Statement:

“My 2015 organic image collection printed on metal is meant to share a never ending fascination with the colors, shapes and flowing forms of one of nature’s most breathtaking creations.  I am absolutely compelled to capture the flowering seasonal splendor offered within a brief window of photographic opportunity. Using a digital camera along with painterly layered techniques it is my intention to take viewers on a brief walk through the garden pathway to not only see the”beauties” but to emotionally “feel” them.”  CF

August 11, 2015

Tonight we were all very pleased to have one of our own members, Jan Ivaska, participate in our monthly Show & Tell. Almost serendipitously, Jan’s images complimented the Monthly Program which was Hart Kannegiesser’s Destination Arizona photographs in that many of her stunning photos were from national parks, including the Grand Canyon. Jan brought many framed pictures. There were favorable comments on the moods that some of the darker toned images evoked. Thanks much, Jan for making tonight’s S&T special. Click on photos below to enlarge.

July 13, 2015

June 8, 2015

Special Show & Tell and Program combined. Members were very excited to attend this month’s unusual evening on the topic of drones provided by our own member, David Schooley. Drones are of special interest to MAPS since they are mostly used with photography in mind, both video and still images. The S&T portion of the presentation provided models of the drones themselves along with technical information and questions for David. His drones were even more attention-getting as they were mostly home brew. We are including extra photos to cover the scope of the presentation. Be sure to visit the PROGRAMS tab for more photos including those from David’s live demonstration. Click to enlarge photos below. Thanks David for a fun and different MAPS meeting!

May 11, 2015

MAPS member Tim Rex filled the hallway with his stunning close-up images. It was nice to learn he’s sold 103 of his famous hummingbird image, “Flight”! Tim explained he spots his subject and envisions how he will process it later. Tim discussed his striking post-processing techniques with the members. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful work Tim!

April 13, 2015

We are pleased to have presented the images of Randee Lawrence at our April S&T. Randee’s photos reflected the Southwest high desert, and are inspired by the works of Georgia O’Keeffe. Randee included a video slide show to compliment her display. Her body of work also stems from a class where she teaches both the history and the art of the area and had presented examples from those of her students who are MAPS members and who had traveled to New Mexico (see photos below). There was a lot of interest in her presentation and we thank Randee for her efforts! Please click on the images below to expand.

March 9, 2015

MAPS was pleased to bring children’s photographic art once again to our Show & Tell. The group is sponsored by the Lincoln Elementary School PTA and is called “Reflections Program Photography. PTA parents Annie Ayung and Wendy Fidanza along with Wendy’s children Gianmarco and Helena were in attendance with their nature photos. Thank you for making them feel welcome! Click to enlarge.

February 2015

This month’s S&T was special as we had to work with a new temporary location at the Ginkgo Room. We were very happy to host Roy Flieth who represented ProCam in Aurora, a new camera store in our area, always welcome news! Roy brought a ton of hands-on cameras, lights, gadgets, catalogues, etc. and his demo table was very well attended. Roy also came with 20 gift cards and other discount coupons but a fair method of distribution had not been worked out in time so it will be postponed, possibly through a raffle at our next meeting. Thanks Roy for participating in our MAPS Show & Tell! A shout-out as well for Gary, our Arb security person, for helping us move all of Roy’s equipment. Much appreciated! Please click on photos for enlargement.

January 12, 2015

We were happy to feature beautiful images from Jim and Diane Bodkin, long-time members of MAPS who graciously volunteered to participate in January’s Show & Tell. Some of you might remember their unique art from our MAPS exhibit at the Sycamore Room. Rather than a specific theme, Diane and Jim presented an eclectic assortment with an emphasis on birds that surely showed nature at its best. Personally, I was amazed now having seen these photos up close. Thanks so much to the Bodkins for providing such a great S&T. CLICK on the images below, please: