Show & Tell from 2017

November 13, 2017

Dori Eldridge and her exclusive butterfly exhibit/collection. Dori came to our meeting as a friend of Dulcey Lima and included slide shows and video along with stunning photographs of this true nature program as well as a special giveaway. Dori was given a warm welcome by our interested attending members and we all enjoyed her presentation. You can see this is evident in the photos below. Click on an image to enlarge it!

October 9, 2017

Today MAPS featured the wide-ranging art of our own member and events leader, Darcy Berg. The photographs below demonstrate the strong interest our monthly meeting attendees had in learning from Darcy. Thanks for your participation Darcy!

Many thanks to Tim Rex for providing the photos below. Please click to expand:

September 11, 2017

This month’s Show & Tell displayed the art of Michelle Hohol, one of our own members. Michelle presented pictures from around the world as well as a slide show from her visit to New Zealand’s South Island. Judging from the members’ interest in her images, Michelle agreed to a future Show & Tell with photos from a South African Safari. We will all be looking forward to it! Please click on an image below to expand:

August 14, 2017

Our Show and Tell presenter on August 14th was Dulcey Lima, a long-time MAPS member.  Dulcey displayed many of her images and provided a step by step example of the process she used to publish her children’s book of photos and rhymes called Animals Among Us.  You can also check out her work on There was wide interest in her photographs and book, the latter of which was presented as a PowerPoint slide show on our monitor. Thanks Dulcey for participating in our Show & Tell. Our members appreciated it too! Please click on a photo below to expand:

July 10, 2017

Shari Miller is a photographer with a passion for finding beauty in our ordinary, everyday lives. Through her work, she invites people to look for – and see – the abundant beauty that exists in the world around them, in others and within themselves. She believes that photography can be a powerful companion to greater self-discovery as well as a means of creating connection between people of diverse backgrounds. Using stories and lessons learned from her own journey, Shari will facilitate a conversation about embracing photography as a contemplative practice that might inspire us to see the world more deeply and with an intention to seek beauty where it otherwise might be overlooked or passed by.

Shari combined Show & Tell with our main program no only to display her special photography of everyday objects but to show new ways to see them… SEE JULY PROGRAM. Additionally Shari used the S&T hour to have arriving members select an object of nature to subsequently be used in her unique interactive presentation in the Arbor Room. There was much interest in her art as seen below. Thanks Shari for participating in both segments of our meeting. Great Job! Click on photo below to expand:

June 12, 2017

We were very happy to have one of our award winning members (see: Featured Images – Member Accomplishments under the EXHIBITS tab) Joanne Barsanti,  present at tonight’s Show & Tell. Joanne brought to S&T a wide range of pieces and techniques as explained in her artist statement in the next paragraph. Joanne even provided a slide show! You can see in the photos below that there was much interest in her work! Thanks Joanne!

Joanne Barsanti describes her Mixed Media work as nature-based photography with an Asian influence. In addition to her portfolio of Kozo paper prints with Momigami (paper-crinkling) treatment, she recently introduced her 6-panel prints on silk. She will be offering these works for sale this summer at Art Fairs in the Chicago Suburban area. To learn more, visit her website at

Click on photos below to expand:

May 8, 2017

As this month’s meeting followed our MAPS annual exhibit by only one day, tonight’s S&T was a slide show of the exhibit, its artists and visitors. All exhibit slides will be available under the EXHIBITS tab from the Home Page. Hope you’re in them! Click to enlarge.

April 10, 2017

At today’s Show & Tell, Darcy Berg and Tim Rex volunteered their time to review the all-important procedures for correctly preparing images chosen from our membership for hanging and displaying at our upcoming MAPS exhibit at the Arboretum in May. Several examples of hanging hardware as well as properly and improperly prepared pictures were available for comparison and instruction. Thanks Darcy & Tim for educating our attending members!

March 13, 2017

Show & Tell presented award winning teacher/instructor Michelle Lynn and six photography students from Downers Grove South High School. link:

Michelle Lynn, a visual art teacher at Downers Grove South High School, has been selected as the “Outstanding Photographic Arts Educator of the Year” by the Photographic Society of America. Founded in 1934, the PSA is a worldwide organization providing a wide range of services that promote photography. Lynn was formally honored by the Chicago Chapter of PSA last month.” – from Downers South HS Newsletter

The six students were: Kaitlyn O’Toole, Marissa McGivern, Ivy Bukowski, Jessica Foster, Emma Gannaway and Kristina Totoraitis. Members were impressed with the quality and imagination of these great images and how glad they were that the students were invited! We hope the presenters enjoyed meeting and speaking with like-minded and very experienced photographers. Please click to enlarge. I hope we didn’t leave anyone out! Nice Job Michelle Lynn and her attending students.

February 13, 2017

Show & Tell by our own Sara Filip! Sara creates beautiful art including the use of acrylics (example below from MAPS 2016 Exhibit) followed by her Artist’s Statement:

Hello, I’m Sara. I was born in the Czech Republic where after 20 plus years of public service I started to think about how to bring new thinking to the classics.  And I conceived the notion in my art to focus attention on the spiritual aspects of human life. 

This birth delivered several major projects that take grew from my life experiences in my city.  I hope to share a glimpse of something new with a vision and image of life in a whole new meaning. In 2004, I traveled to America where I absorbed new awareness and perception of the world in the multicultural city of Chicago.

I soon discovered a communication barrier that limited my voyage in this new world where I had to expand my language abilities and learned to communicate my essence thru the visual arts.  At that moment, my boss gave me a camera to express the art inside of me.  So I began chatting in a form of clicks and shutters to speak across all languages. I shape light to capture nature where it reflects our humanity.  My demographic picture is an example of this humanity reflected in landscape art in living things around us.  It reflects diversity, strength, and community.

For Demographics, I discovered a park where I found a living community that allow me into their sacred homestead.  I capture their spirit and determined it required a special frame setting.  I chose to use an acrylic print to relay a strong yet gentle image of this special setting. I hope my photographs to convey a testimony to the beauty of being human variation. 

Sara provided an eclectic combination of art forms including large images, acrylic forms, a flower triptych and her stunning YouTube videos. Many favorable comments ensued and we appreciated her efforts in bringing all this to our lobby. Click on images below to enlarge:

January 9, 2017

Our first Show & Tell of 2017 featured astrophotography hosted by Helix Camera in Itasca. Telescopes with camera mounts were on display… lots of discussions.  Our old friend, Roy Flieth, formerly associated with ProCam, co-hosted along with Helix manager Eric Maros. Roy was partly responsible for our last technical S&T on mirrorless cameras which engendered lots of questions. Although there was much interest in this additional aspect of photography, the overall attendance was down due to sudden bad weather. Nevertheless, those who did show enjoyed the presentation… thanks Eric, Roy and the folks at Helix! Click on photos below to expand.