Show & Tell from 2018

November 12, 2018

We were again treated to an exhibit by our own Noriko Buckles. In her own words: ” Great architecture in Chicago has inspired Noriko Buckles to photograph buildings around the country.  Her new series in abstract architecture “Abstracture” is a 2 year project compiling unique and interesting perspectives of modern and great architectural structures. Stunning abstracts on display… attending membership loved it! Thanks, Noriko. Click on photos to expand:

October 8, 2018

Welcome our own Al Alvis to October’s S&T! His presentation included a slide show as well as printed images. Here is his own description:

“Creepy Closeups !     Bugs and reptiles up close. Ever try to photograph butterflies or dragonflies with a macro lens ? Pretty difficult to get close enough to fill the frame. One solution is to use a telephoto lens combined with an appropriate extension tube.  Ever try to photographs reptiles at the zoo ? Crowded area with low light conditions and no tripods allowed, not to mention they are behind glass. The solution–hand held OFF camera flash and a close focusing lens. There are  photographs of butterflies, dragonflies, assorted bugs, snakes, lizards, frogs— all kinds of creepy, crawly subjects and the equipment setups used to capture them”.

Photos were stunning! Lots of membership attention… thanks Al! Photos below – click to expand:

September 10, 2018

The “Butterfly Lady” is back… this time she had live specimens! Dori Eldridge was a guest “Show & Teller” last November with much membership interest in her butterfly cycle story and has now returned by popular Demand! The photos below tell the story of the interest that her live butterfly cycle engendered with the membership. Dori tags hundreds of butterflies each year to track their migration and discovered that future generations will migrate to the same tree and even the same branch thousands of miles away! Click on photos below to expand them:

August 13, 2018

For our August Show & Tell,  MAPS member Claudia Frost presented images from the “Spring Series” of her Organics Collection.  Claudia experimented with light and textures in her digital darkroom and created beautiful nature photographs.   This selection of flower images from Claudia’s “Spring Series” surely impressed and inspired! Thanks Claudia! Enjoy the photos below. Click to enlarge:

July 9, 2018

For our July Show & Tell,  MAPS member Chong Wu presented a selection of his nature images.   With his creative eye and technical expertise, Chong has received many awards for his photographs.  From birds and insects to nature scenes, Chong inspired us with this beautiful collection. The very crowded lobby proved this to be true… Thanks, Chong… See photos below! Click on any image to enlarge:

June 11, 2018

“Bodkin’s Favorite Birds: Portraits and Pairs”. We were so happy to have Diane and Jim Bodkin present images of birds. Anyone who has seen their submissions to our Annual Exhibit knows how exceptional they are. Last month’s meeting featured a gathering of our club’s many birders. Jim & Diane’s story can be accessed with this link MAPS – Bodkin Bird Photographyx and should definitely be read by birders as well as all members. As expected, Jim & Diane’s images were extremely well received as evidenced by the photos below. They even supplimented their presentation with a slide show! Please click on any to enlarge and browse. Thanks so much Jim & Diane!

May 14, 2018

As last year, this month’s Show & Tell featured a looped slide show from Andy Dichter of our recent signature Annual Exhibit in the Cudahy Room from setup Wednesday to closing at the end of Sunday. Photos (over 113) include both members and visitors enjoying our beautiful nature images as well as many of the picture panels themselves. If you were there, there is a good chance that you are in a photograph. Many (but not all) of the slides are featured under the EXHIBITS tab of our MAPS website.

April 9, 2018

For our April Show & Tell, Cheryl Rausch presented a selection of her photographs and drawings, many from the photos.  As a special treat, Cheryl demonstrated her drawing skills and showed us how she connects her photography with her drawings.  Cheryl is a member of MAPS as well as a member of the Arboretum’s Nature Artists’ Guild (NAGS). This was a well-attended meeting and many members crowded around Cheryl’s demo table to see and try what she does. Many favorable comments were overheard by members viewing Cheryl’s images displayed on the easels as well. Thanks, Cheryl, for such a great and informative Show & Tell! The photos below tell the story. Click on one to enlarge the group:

March 12, 2018

 “Behind the Scenes with Joanne Barsanti.”Joanne demonstrated how she created her composites – in the field and on the computer. She had samples of her silks and papers, and walked us through her post-print process. As you can see by the photos below, Joanne’s special art generated a lot of membership interest! Thanks, Joanne, for assuming the double burden of Show & Tell and tonight’s program. Click on any photo to enlarge:

February 12, 2018

Tonight we were proud to present images from The Old Guys Camera Club, an organization that includes five of our own members including our past president Chuck Hunnicutt (see list below) as well as tonight’s program presenter, Jack Shouba. They are:

  • Dave Altekruse (guest)
  • Charlie Peterson (member)
  • John Janunas (member)
  • Jack Shouba (member)
  • Bill Ludemann (member)
  • Chuck Hunnicutt (member)

Each had about five images to share. We really enjoyed seeing them! Thank you! Please click on an image to enlarge:

January 8, 2018

We were proud to have our own Atala Toy present this month’s S&T with her beautiful rocks and photos. Here are Atala’s own words on the subject:

—- The Living Beauty of Rocks

MAPS member Atala Toy lives in a world of rocks. Owner of a rock shop in Geneva, IL (Crystal Life), she gets to travel to the world’s best gem shows and takes her pick of exotic specimens.

From time to time, MAPS hosts a macro-workshop where members photograph various of Crystal Life’s most interesting pieces. We gathered around the TV screen where a slide show of over 140 member macro shots of Crystal Life stones were shown, taken through the years.

Spread out on the table were some of Atala’s current rock specimen favorites. On display were a selection of her rock photographs – ranging from abstract design to specimen shots, scenic shots of rock formations – and an interesting love story rock mural created by nature herself! – Atala Toy

The photos below show the great interest our attending members had in Atala’s presentation. Please click on a photo below to expand the images: