Show & Tell – Original

An hour before the regular monthly meetings, MAPS holds a Show & Tell social hour starting at 6 pm. Members are invited to share their knowledge, abilities, talents, skills or photographic endeavors with other members in a casual setting.  Members have the opportunity to view art displays and/or technology features aimed towards furthering our photographic learning and experiences.

March 2020

Much thanks to Dave Sobotka for his topic which was smart phone photography.  Really great images… see photos below thanks to Tim Rex:

February 2020

Special treat with the long awaited return of MAPS member Michelle Hohol with new world-wide travel images supported by an accompanying slide show on the monitor. Great photos… thanks Michelle! Event photos below:

January 2020

Thanks to Chuck Hunnicutt and Hart Kannegiesser for sharing their great infrared images with our membership! The photos demonstrated the special effects from various wavelength filters… more color to more black & white/contrast. Membership really appreciated the level of expertise shown and how stunning the images were. Thanks much!

November 11, 2019

Stunning images from our own Seeve Bush of our Milky Way. Steve brought in some equipment to share a better idea of what’s involved…. starting with a clear view of the sky! Thanks Steve for participating in Show & Tell. Click on any photo (courtesy of Tim Rex) below to enlarge:

October 14, 2019

We were happy to have Tony Papa from ProMedia Gear visit us with his camera equipment and even some free samples. Some photos below:

September 9, 2019

Due to  a schedule change, there was no formal Show & Tell this month. Instead, a video slide show from recent outings was displayed on the monitor.  Special thanks to Mary for producing the DVD!

August 12, 2019

Our very own member Davis Schooley displayed images related to his program that followed Show & Tell. Thanks, David, for rounding out the evening. Your subsequent program was terrific (see PROGRAMS tab – August 2019). Show & Tell and main program… double duty! Thanks again! Click on slides below to enlarge.

July 8, 2019

Bill Skinner of ProCam presented, displayed and discussed the merits of the latest offerings of mirrorless cameras. As expected, there was much interest by the membership as shown in the photos below. Thanks Bill for bringing all of that equipment! Please click on image to enlarge:

June 10, 2019

The following is from Ken Thompson, our S&T presenter.

In the late 1890s, a collection of butterflies was put together by the Denton brothers in Massachusetts. The collection has been dispersed, and the Arboretum has over 400 specimens, each individually mounted and in good condition. A one-day workshop last year allowed photography of parts of this amazing collection. This year, August 10, we repeated the workshop with different specimens. Show and Tell exhibited a few of the workshop’s images, as examples of what you could do at the workshop in August. You can sign up for this workshop on the Arb’s website presently. Thanks Ken! Click to enlarge:

May 13, 2019

Show & Tell: Andy Dichter will be presenting a looping slide show of 114 images taken at our Annual Exhibit in April. Because of the quantity of images, we refer you to go to our Exhibits tab on this website. Photos will be posted after the May 13th meeting. Thanks to Bob Duke for setting up in the Arbor Room!

Additionally, Our Program Speaker Will Clay will be discussing and selling his book My 40 Year Passion For The Dancing Light  in the lobby area. Photos below of both events:

April 8, 2019

We hope you didn’t miss April’s Show & Tell, when Bill Dixon presented his “Abstracts in Nature“.  In creating abstract images, Bill breaks away from a traditional view of a physical object and explores the relationships of form and color.  This helps to introduce the viewer to the essence of a subject through details found within and evokes an intimate attraction.  From a grand landscape to the tiniest veins in a leaf and everything in between, Bill found something of beauty worth capturing! Beautiful images. Thanks Bill for participating! Please click on photo below to expand.

March 11, 2019

Do you have vacation pictures hidden in folders on your computer, waiting to be shared with friends and family, but you don’t know how to get started?  Come to our March Show & Tell and browse through beautiful vacation books created by Maribeth and Bill Schauert!  Their books are sure to inspire and motivate you to start creating your own book of vacation memories.

Along with the vacation books were beautiful images on the easels. Thanks much to Maribeth & Bill for their excellent participation in this month’s Show & Tell! Click on photos below to enlarge:

February 11, 2019

Our February Show & Tell featured Will Clay’s latest book, “My 40 Year Passion For The Dancing Light”, a retrospective book of Will’s photographic journey.  Will exhibited several prints from his book, answered questions and shared stories about his images.  Books were available for purchase, and of course, Will will sign your copy! Unfortunately, bad weather kept the less intrepid members away and turnout was disappointingly low. Nevertheless, here are some photos from the event. Bottom left – Tim Rex returning images from our Sterling Library exhibit… thanks Tim! Click on to expand:

January 14, 2019

This month’s Show & Tell featured our very own member Harry Hitzeman who displayed his eclectic combination of photos along with a slide show on the monitor. Here is a description of his program called YOU ARE THERE in his own words:

“Cross a nature-loving Boy Scout with a Structural Engineer, a Photographer, a Software Engineer, and a large dollop of Intuition, what do you get?  Me and My Art.

I start with the Tools of Digital Photography, striving to get to the right place at the right time, capturing bits of raw material for my art.  I then mold this raw material in the digital darkroom – invoking the Wizard’s Software – to shape my personal visual slice of the beauty of nature and man-made structures.  

I want you to feel you are there with me, and that beauty is even bigger and better than you remember. My art showcases 

  • Bright Colors and Visual Effects that are not always realistic (but may be real anyway!), such as Color Exaggeration/Distortion or Selective Blurring / Streaking.
  • Landscape Foreground Detail, to create the feeling of “You Are There” 
  • Unique Lighting and Perspective that draws out pleasing and normally hidden details.
  • Contrast between Forms in Nature (mountains vs. stones)
  • Contrast between Durability in Time (a sagebrush vs. a mountain)

… and always a Reverent Gratitude for the beautiful gift of this garden called  Life.

There were many attendees including family & friends to help celebrate Harry’s 70th birthday! Beautiful presentation – thanks Harry! Click on any image below to expand:

November 12, 2018

We were again treated to an exhibit by our own Noriko Buckles. In her own words: ” Great architecture in Chicago has inspired Noriko Buckles to photograph buildings around the country.  Her new series in abstract architecture “Abstracture” is a 2 year project compiling unique and interesting perspectives of modern and great architectural structures. Stunning abstracts on display… attending membership loved it! Thanks, Noriko. Click on photos to expand:

October 8, 2018

Welcome our own Al Alvis to October’s S&T! His presentation included a slide show as well as printed images. Here is his own description:

“Creepy Closeups !     Bugs and reptiles up close. Ever try to photograph butterflies or dragonflies with a macro lens ? Pretty difficult to get close enough to fill the frame. One solution is to use a telephoto lens combined with an appropriate extension tube.  Ever try to photographs reptiles at the zoo ? Crowded area with low light conditions and no tripods allowed, not to mention they are behind glass. The solution–hand held OFF camera flash and a close focusing lens. There are  photographs of butterflies, dragonflies, assorted bugs, snakes, lizards, frogs— all kinds of creepy, crawly subjects and the equipment setups used to capture them”.

Photos were stunning! Lots of membership attention… thanks Al! Photos below – click to expand:

September 10, 2018

The “Butterfly Lady” is back… this time she had live specimens! Dori Eldridge was a guest “Show & Teller” last November with much membership interest in her butterfly cycle story and has now returned by popular Demand! The photos below tell the story of the interest that her live butterfly cycle engendered with the membership. Dori tags hundreds of butterflies each year to track their migration and discovered that future generations will migrate to the same tree and even the same branch thousands of miles away! Click on photos below to expand them:

August 13, 2018

For our August Show & Tell,  MAPS member Claudia Frost presented images from the “Spring Series” of her Organics Collection.  Claudia experimented with light and textures in her digital darkroom and created beautiful nature photographs.   This selection of flower images from Claudia’s “Spring Series” surely impressed and inspired! Thanks Claudia! Enjoy the photos below. Click to enlarge:

July 9, 2018

For our July Show & Tell,  MAPS member Chong Wu presented a selection of his nature images.   With his creative eye and technical expertise, Chong has received many awards for his photographs.  From birds and insects to nature scenes, Chong inspired us with this beautiful collection. The very crowded lobby proved this to be true… Thanks, Chong… See photos below! Click on any image to enlarge:

June 11, 2018

“Bodkin’s Favorite Birds: Portraits and Pairs”. We were so happy to have Diane and Jim Bodkin present images of birds. Anyone who has seen their submissions to our Annual Exhibit knows how exceptional they are. Last month’s meeting featured a gathering of our club’s many birders. Jim & Diane’s story can be accessed with this link MAPS – Bodkin Bird Photographyx and should definitely be read by birders as well as all members. As expected, Jim & Diane’s images were extremely well received as evidenced by the photos below. They even supplimented their presentation with a slide show! Please click on any to enlarge and browse. Thanks so much Jim & Diane!

May 14, 2018

As last year, this month’s Show & Tell featured a looped slide show from Andy Dichter of our recent signature Annual Exhibit in the Cudahy Room from setup Wednesday to closing at the end of Sunday. Photos (over 113) include both members and visitors enjoying our beautiful nature images as well as many of the picture panels themselves. If you were there, there is a good chance that you are in a photograph. Many (but not all) of the slides are featured under the EXHIBITS tab of our MAPS website.

April 9, 2018

For our April Show & Tell, Cheryl Rausch presented a selection of her photographs and drawings, many from the photos.  As a special treat, Cheryl demonstrated her drawing skills and showed us how she connects her photography with her drawings.  Cheryl is a member of MAPS as well as a member of the Arboretum’s Nature Artists’ Guild (NAGS). This was a well-attended meeting and many members crowded around Cheryl’s demo table to see and try what she does. Many favorable comments were overheard by members viewing Cheryl’s images displayed on the easels as well. Thanks, Cheryl, for such a great and informative Show & Tell! The photos below tell the story. Click on one to enlarge the group:

March 12, 2018

 “Behind the Scenes with Joanne Barsanti.”Joanne demonstrated how she created her composites – in the field and on the computer. She had samples of her silks and papers, and walked us through her post-print process. As you can see by the photos below, Joanne’s special art generated a lot of membership interest! Thanks, Joanne, for assuming the double burden of Show & Tell and tonight’s program. Click on any photo to enlarge:

February 12, 2018

Tonight we were proud to present images from The Old Guys Camera Club, an organization that includes five of our own members including our past president Chuck Hunnicutt (see list below) as well as tonight’s program presenter, Jack Shouba. They are:

Dave Altekruse (guest)

Charlie Peterson (member)

John Janunas (member)

Jack Shouba (member)

Bill Ludemann (member)

Chuck Hunnicutt (member)

Each had about five images to share. We really enjoyed seeing them! Thank you! Please click on an image to enlarge:

January 8, 2018

We were proud to have our own Atala Toy present this month’s S&T with her beautiful rocks and photos. Here are Atala’s own words on the subject:

—- The Living Beauty of Rocks

MAPS member Atala Toy lives in a world of rocks. Owner of a rock shop in Geneva, IL (Crystal Life), she gets to travel to the world’s best gem shows and takes her pick of exotic specimens.

From time to time, MAPS hosts a macro-workshop where members photograph various of Crystal Life’s most interesting pieces. We gathered around the TV screen where a slide show of over 140 member macro shots of Crystal Life stones were shown, taken through the years.

Spread out on the table were some of Atala’s current rock specimen favorites. On display were a selection of her rock photographs – ranging from abstract design to specimen shots, scenic shots of rock formations – and an interesting love story rock mural created by nature herself! – Atala Toy

The photos below show the great interest our attending members had in Atala’s presentation. Please click on a photo below to expand the images:

November 13 – Show & Tell – Presents Dori Eldridge and her exclusive butterfly exhibit/collection. Dori came to our meeting as a friend of Dulcey Lima and included slide shows and video along with stunning photographs of this true nature program as well as a special giveaway. Dori was given a warm welcome by our interested attending members and we all enjoyed her presentation. You can see this is evident in the photos below. Click on an image to enlarge it!

October 9, 2017

Today MAPS featured the wide-ranging art of our own member and events leader, Darcy Berg. The photographs below demonstrate the strong interest our monthly meeting attendees had in learning from Darcy. Thanks for your participation Darcy!

Many thanks to Tim Rex for providing the photos below. Please click to expand:

September 11, 2017

This month’s Show & Tell displayed the art of Michelle Hohol, one of our own members. Michelle presented pictures from around the world as well as a slide show from her visit to New Zealand’s South Island. Judging from the members’ interest in her images, Michelle agreed to a future Show & Tell with photos from a South African Safari. We will all be looking forward to it! Please click on an image below to expand:

August 14, 2017

Our Show and Tell presenter on August 14th was Dulcey Lima, a long-time MAPS member.  Dulcey displayed many of her images and provided a step by step example of the process she used to publish her children’s book of photos and rhymes called Animals Among Us.  You can also check out her work on There was wide interest in her photographs and book, the latter of which was presented as a PowerPoint slide show on our monitor. Thanks Dulcey for participating in our Show & Tell. Our members appreciated it too! Please click on a photo below to expand:

July 10, 2017

Shari Miller is a photographer with a passion for finding beauty in our ordinary, everyday lives. Through her work, she invites people to look for – and see – the abundant beauty that exists in the world around them, in others and within themselves. She believes that photography can be a powerful companion to greater self-discovery as well as a means of creating connection between people of diverse backgrounds. Using stories and lessons learned from her own journey, Shari will facilitate a conversation about embracing photography as a contemplative practice that might inspire us to see the world more deeply and with an intention to seek beauty where it otherwise might be overlooked or passed by.

Shari combined Show & Tell with our main program no only to display her special photography of everyday objects but to show new ways to see them… SEE JULY PROGRAM. Additionally Shari used the S&T hour to have arriving members select an object of nature to subsequently be used in her unique interactive presentation in the Arbor Room. There was much interest in her art as seen below. Thanks Shari for participating in both segments of our meeting. Great Job! Click on photo below to expand:

June 12, 2017

We were very happy to have one of our award winning members (see: Featured Images – Member Accomplishments under the EXHIBITS tab) Joanne Barsanti,  present at tonight’s Show & Tell. Joanne brought to S&T a wide range of pieces and techniques as explained in her artist statement in the next paragraph. Joanne even provided a slide show! You can see in the photos below that there was much interest in her work! Thanks Joanne!

Joanne Barsanti describes her Mixed Media work as nature-based photography with an Asian influence. In addition to her portfolio of Kozo paper prints with Momigami (paper-crinkling) treatment, she recently introduced her 6-panel prints on silk. She will be offering these works for sale this summer at Art Fairs in the Chicago Suburban area. To learn more, visit her website at

Click on photos below to expand:

May 8, 2017

As this month’s meeting followed our MAPS annual exhibit by only one day, tonight’s S&T was a slide show of the exhibit, its artists and visitors. All exhibit slides will be available under the EXHIBITS tab from the Home Page. Hope you’re in them! Click to enlarge.

April 10, 2017

At today’s Show & Tell, Darcy Berg and Tim Rex volunteered their time to review the all-important procedures for correctly preparing images chosen from our membership for hanging and displaying at our upcoming MAPS exhibit at the Arboretum in May. Several examples of hanging hardware as well as properly and improperly prepared pictures were available for comparison and instruction. Thanks Darcy & Tim for educating our attending members!

March 13, 2017

Show & Tell presented award winning teacher/instructor Michelle Lynn and six photography students from Downers Grove South High School. link:

Michelle Lynn, a visual art teacher at Downers Grove South High School, has been selected as the “Outstanding Photographic Arts Educator of the Year” by the Photographic Society of America. Founded in 1934, the PSA is a worldwide organization providing a wide range of services that promote photography. Lynn was formally honored by the Chicago Chapter of PSA last month.” – from Downers South HS Newsletter

The six students were: Kaitlyn O’Toole, Marissa McGivern, Ivy Bukowski, Jessica Foster, Emma Gannaway and Kristina Totoraitis. Members were impressed with the quality and imagination of these great images and how glad they were that the students were invited! We hope the presenters enjoyed meeting and speaking with like-minded and very experienced photographers. Please click to enlarge. I hope we didn’t leave anyone out! Nice Job Michelle Lynn and her attending students.

February 13, 2017

Show & Tell by our own Sara Filip! Sara creates beautiful art including the use of acrylics (example below from MAPS 2016 Exhibit) followed by her Artist’s Statement:

Hello, I’m Sara. I was born in the Czech Republic where after 20 plus years of public service I started to think about how to bring new thinking to the classics.  And I conceived the notion in my art to focus attention on the spiritual aspects of human life. 

This birth delivered several major projects that take grew from my life experiences in my city.  I hope to share a glimpse of something new with a vision and image of life in a whole new meaning. In 2004, I traveled to America where I absorbed new awareness and perception of the world in the multicultural city of Chicago.

I soon discovered a communication barrier that limited my voyage in this new world where I had to expand my language abilities and learned to communicate my essence thru the visual arts.  At that moment, my boss gave me a camera to express the art inside of me.  So I began chatting in a form of clicks and shutters to speak across all languages. I shape light to capture nature where it reflects our humanity.  My demographic picture is an example of this humanity reflected in landscape art in living things around us.  It reflects diversity, strength, and community.

For Demographics, I discovered a park where I found a living community that allow me into their sacred homestead.  I capture their spirit and determined it required a special frame setting.  I chose to use an acrylic print to relay a strong yet gentle image of this special setting. I hope my photographs to convey a testimony to the beauty of being human variation. 

Sara provided an eclectic combination of art forms including large images, acrylic forms, a flower triptych and her stunning YouTube videos. Many favorable comments ensued and we appreciated her efforts in bringing all this to our lobby. Click on images below to enlarge:

January 9, 2017

Our first Show & Tell of 2017 featured astrophotography hosted by Helix Camera in Itasca. Telescopes with camera mounts were on display… lots of discussions.  Our old friend, Roy Flieth, formerly associated with ProCam, co-hosted along with Helix manager Eric Maros. Roy was partly responsible for our last technical S&T on mirrorless cameras which engendered lots of questions. Although there was much interest in this additional aspect of photography, the overall attendance was down due to sudden bad weather. Nevertheless, those who did show enjoyed the presentation… thanks Eric, Roy and the folks at Helix! Click on photos below to expand.

November 14, 2016

The November Show & Tell featured Jim Matos and video clips from members attending Jim’s videophotography workshop class. There was a large attendance at this meeting which also offered an outing based on the supermoon. The videos were beautiful and very professional looking. Some were straight edited clips and some were prepared from slides. There was much interest and we thank Jim and his class for making November such a memorable Show & Tell. Click on photo to expand:

October 10, 2016

The October 10th Show & Tell will be a second round of Questions & Answers (the first was last May’s S&T) where any member can ask a question on any aspect of photography, including artist’s techniques, software, technical camera questions (i.e., DSLR vs. Mirrorless, etc.) or any specific issue or problem. Answers will be from other attending members who may have expertise in a particular area or from our panel with a wide range of experiences. The Board had received positive feedback after the May meeting so we tried it again.

A few hardy members showed up and we proceeded but there were few questions and this format will be reviewed for future consideration. Thanks to those who participated.

September 12, 2016

On September 12th, we were delighted to have our own Program Chairman, Hart Kannegiesser, present Arboretum images in different forms. You might remember Hart’s excellent Monthly Program in August 2015 Destination Arizona – 13 Years of Photography in the Grand Canyon StateHart displayed a book of Arboretum photographs in ring binder format;  earlier stages of the book in hardcopy and e-book format by Blurb, a continuous slide show of autumn images on our monitor; and full size prints on easels. There was much membership in his photos and the video slide show was beautiful as well. Great job, Hart! Special thank you to Tim Rex who supplied this month’s pictures below. Click to expand.

August 8, 2016

Mirrorless, mirrorless on the wall, which is the better technology of them all? Tonight Roy Flieth of Pro-Cam along with Barrett McGivney Sony discussed and demonstrated the latest in mirrorless cameras and how they perform against standard DSLRs. This was a special technical Show & Tell as there is much interest in this newer format. Advances in mirrorless that include improvements in the use of the sensor itself for the addition of superior phase detection technology over contrast detection as well as a better electronic viewfinder (EVF), are leading the way toward greater acceptance. Judging by the crowding of Barrett’s table, the interest is very real. Thanks Barrett & Roy! Click to see larger photos below:

July 11, 2016

This month we were happy to have one of our own, long-time member Elsie McConnell, display a complete retrospective on horses and ideas how to photograph them. This was especially timely in view of our September outing to Lipizzan Stallions  – Temple Farms. Elsie has spent most of her life around these magnificent and noble animals and can truly be considered to be a real-life “horse whisperer”. Her Artist Statement can be found in a photo below. A lot of members showed much interest in Elsie’s presentation. Please click to expand:

 June 13, 2016

We were pleased to present our own Chuck Morris who shared images taken close to home. Some of Chuck’s work are currently featured under our Exhibits/Featured Images/Member Accomplishments section where Chuck had held his own exhibit at the Woodridge Public Library. The following was Chuck’s “artist statement” for the June Show & Tell…..

“Here are some scenes from three years of photographing at Morton.  Each photo was shot and processed in JPEG format, then adjusted in Lightroom only.  Each was shot with either a Nikon P7800, Nikon J4 or a Nikon D7200.  Guess which is which!…”

Thanks for your presentation Chuck! Beautiful photographs. Click on images below to expand:

May 9, 2016

Today there was no “Show & Tell” per se but in its place MAPS presented an experimental Question & Answer (Q&A) program during the S&T time slot in response to a member’s request. For the most part, the idea and implementation were sound but there were logistics issues that need to be addressed if we try this in the future such as better separation of social/snack interaction from the Q&A session and to possibly have more prepared questions for future Q&As..

The moderator, Andy Dichter, explained that the idea was to have both the questions and answers come from all of the attendees and not from the moderator, as everyone’s experiences in all phases of photography are different and questions might include artistic ideas and not just technical inquiries. Although there were not an over abundance of questions, both types were discussed (i.e., why use Nik software) and answers (in this example… artistic vision) came directly from the attendees.

Thanks for the participants on both sides of the questions and to Davis Schooley for sitting in as our technical guru. We will be polling the membership on whether to repeat this in the future.

April 11, 2016

MAPS was pleased to feature one of our own members, John Janunas, who’s presentation was best said in his own words: “This was a very basic display of nature images mounted on foam board. The images are free standing in a piece of Corian”. The images were truly beautiful and many members stopped by to compliment John. Thanks for participating in Show & Tell! Click below to expand photos.

March 14th, 2016

Unfortunately, this month’s Show & Tell had to be cancelled at the last minute as a result of reduced presenters’ participation. A slide show of nature images was quickly assembled to add movement to the lobby!

February 8 2016

We were very happy to once again host Roy Flieth who represents ProCam in Aurora, a new camera store in our area which is always welcome news! Roy brought a ton of hands-on cameras, lights, gadgets, catalogues, etc., with an emphasis on long, fast lenses.  As many of our members know, ProCam recently sponsored our last outing, Macro Photography, by providing a large workspace pre-equipped with lights, shadow boxes, etc. (see Show & Tell on this website), much to the delight of the outings’ attendees.  Also, please view our members’ macro photographs by clicking on the OUTINGS tab and scrolling down to the outing link.

January 11, 2016

We are pleased to have had our own Chuck Derus present for the January (2016) Show and Tell.

Chuck featured images from the Grand Canyon that included the lesser traveled North Rim, Death Bend Colorado (a horseshoe bend of the Colorado River) which took a 4WD and a hike to reach, the lesser visited White Pocket on the Paria Plateau in Northern Arizona (also very remote) and Tatahatso Point overlooking the Marble Canyon and other exotic locations that were better explained by Chuck to the many interested members during tonight’s exhibit.

In Chuck’s own words: “The impressive White Pocket filled the senses beyond imagination! The drive to the swirling, twisted, multicolored natural artwork is an adventure in its own right, and the exploration by foot is endless.”

Chuck’s (self printed) images garnered a lot of attention due to their impressive scope. His multilayered preparation of the night sky was so clear, the Andromeda Galaxy was visible! Please enjoy the photos below by clicking on them.

NOTE: The 6th photo is of our own Jim Judd who took the time to set up a demonstration of our MAPS website. If you are reading this paragraph, the lesson wasn’t for you! Thanks, Jim.

November 9, 2015

We were happy to show the fine works of our own member Noriko Buckles at last night’s November meeting. Noriko shared her images from her Route 66 journey as well as additional nature photos. Her presentation included a slide show on the TV monitor as well. Noriko outdid herself by bringing in over 80 (maybe more) images. There was a great deal of interest in her Rt. 66 photos. The November meeting is usually well attended which brought in even more viewers to see her art. Thanks, Noriko! Well done. Click on an image to enlarge:

October 12, 2015

MAPS is pleased that our very own Christine Foley presented her great photographs as well as a slide show at October’s S&T. They consisted of travel, street and other of her personal favorites. Viewing her regular submissions to our Outings column confirms her exceptional talent. Here is her Artist Statement:

Photo-Expressionistic Style- personal, emotional – I move beyond the traditional towards more expression of mental thoughts during the time of capture. The inception of my images starts before the shutter clicks and are often enhanced slightly in post to make my vision a reality. I am invigorated by scenes with muted light, deep colors, shapes and textures in the world around me. My motivation is to express or evoke a feeling, tell a story, and to make a connection between the subject, the viewer, and myself.  To create Fine Art Photography with an Artistic twist. Please click below to enlarge image:

September 14, 2015

Tonight’s S&T featured the images of MAPS’ own member, Claudia Frost. This was a very well attended meeting and Claudia’s metal prints were well complimented by the membership! Thanks, Claudia for a great Show & Tell. Images below. Please click to enlarge.

Extracted from Claudia Frost’s Artist Statement:

“My 2015 organic image collection printed on metal is meant to share a never ending fascination with the colors, shapes and flowing forms of one of nature’s most breathtaking creations.  I am absolutely compelled to capture the flowering seasonal splendor offered within a brief window of photographic opportunity. Using a digital camera along with painterly layered techniques it is my intention to take viewers on a brief walk through the garden pathway to not only see the”beauties” but to emotionally “feel” them.”  CF

August 11, 2015

Tonight we were all very pleased to have one of our own members, Jan Ivaska, participate in our monthly Show & Tell. Almost serendipitously, Jan’s images complimented the Monthly Program which was Hart Kannegiesser’s Destination Arizona photographs in that many of her stunning photos were from national parks, including the Grand Canyon. Jan brought many framed pictures. There were favorable comments on the moods that some of the darker toned images evoked. Thanks much, Jan for making tonight’s S&T special. Click on photos below to enlarge.

July 13, 2015

June 8, 2015

Special Show & Tell and Program combined. Members were very excited to attend this month’s unusual evening on the topic of drones provided by our own member, David Schooley. Drones are of special interest to MAPS since they are mostly used with photography in mind, both video and still images. The S&T portion of the presentation provided models of the drones themselves along with technical information and questions for David. His drones were even more attention-getting as they were mostly home brew. We are including extra photos to cover the scope of the presentation. Be sure to visit the PROGRAMS tab for more photos including those from David’s live demonstration. Click to enlarge photos below. Thanks David for a fun and different MAPS meeting!

May 11, 2015

 MAPS member Tim Rex filled the hallway with his stunning close-up images. It was nice to learn he’s sold 103 of his famous hummingbird image, “Flight”! Tim explained he spots his subject and envisions how he will process it later. Tim discussed his striking post-processing techniques with the members. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful work Tim!

April 13, 2015

We are pleased to have presented the images of Randee Lawrence at our April S&T. Randee’s photos reflected the Southwest high desert, and are inspired by the works of Georgia O’Keeffe. Randee included a video slide show to compliment her display. Her body of work also stems from a class where she teaches both the history and the art of the area and had presented examples from those of her students who are MAPS members and who had traveled to New Mexico (see photos below). There was a lot of interest in her presentation and we thank Randee for her efforts! Please click on the images below to expand.

March 9, 2015

MAPS was pleased to bring children’s photographic art once again to our Show & Tell. The group is sponsored by the Lincoln Elementary School PTA and is called “Reflections Program Photography. PTA parents Annie Ayung and Wendy Fidanza along with Wendy’s children Gianmarco and Helena were in attendance with their nature photos. Thank you for making them feel welcome! Click to enlarge.

February 2015

This month’s S&T was special as we had to work with a new temporary location at the Ginkgo Room. We were very happy to host Roy Flieth who represented ProCam in Aurora, a new camera store in our area, always welcome news! Roy brought a ton of hands-on cameras, lights, gadgets, catalogues, etc. and his demo table was very well attended. Roy also came with 20 gift cards and other discount coupons but a fair method of distribution had not been worked out in time so it will be postponed, possibly through a raffle at our next meeting. Thanks Roy for participating in our MAPS Show & Tell! A shout-out as well for Gary, our Arb security person, for helping us move all of Roy’s equipment. Much appreciated! Please click on photos for enlargement.

January 12, 2015

We were happy to feature beautiful images from Jim and Diane Bodkin, long-time members of MAPS who graciously volunteered to participate in January’s Show & Tell. Some of you might remember their unique art from our MAPS exhibit at the Sycamore Room. Rather than a specific theme, Diane and Jim presented an eclectic assortment with an emphasis on birds that surely showed nature at its best. Personally, I was amazed now having seen these photos up close. Thanks so much to the Bodkins for providing such a great S&T. CLICK on the images below, please:

November 10, 2014

We are pleased this month to have exhibited the stunning photos of hummingbirds taken by our own Keith McCanless who took advantage of the latest technologies to photograph these elusive birds. He used exceptionally high ISO settings at high speed and frame rates allowing for the elimination of the use of flash which provided for very natural images. The photographs were very well received and Keith was good enough to provide technical tables to enhance his presentation. Thanks Keith for participating in this month’s S&T! Click on images below to enlarge:

Additionally, at this Month’s S&T, Susan and Matt Schmitz were kind enough to provide precut (by them) aluminum bubble foil ideal for transporting framed photos for exhibits and displays. They disappeared very quickly. Thanks much for doing this!

October 13, 2014

This evening we had a Show & Tell from our very own Carlee Bettler who featured modern art images created from common household ingredients. It was a real treat to have such an unusual topic for our pre-program demonstration. Carlee had won a highest ranking in her H.S. Advanced Art class with her creativity and photographic skills and we were glad to have her (and her father, John) set up and discuss the photos with many interested members. Thanks Carlee for participating!

September 8, 2014

Today we enjoyed the dramatic images from Neil Buchelt and his assistants Jake and Adam, demonstrating that with all of the printing choices available to us, there is still room, and plenty of it, for silver halide (film) prints. The depth of color and the ability to print large gave no doubt that this is an enduring technology and the strong interest of attendees attested to that fact. Neil operates his business (Advanced Imaging, Inc.) from Nearby Lisle. Thanks for participating in our Show & Tell program!

August 11, 2014

Tonight we had a special treat when our program presenter Alan Cox was kind enough to also do our Show & Tell. His photos, some discussed in his program, emphasized the importance of post processing to complete the artist’s vision. The images of birds, exotic animals and even architecture demonstrated just how much one can achieve with a computer, patience and imagination. The prints were stunning to say the least. Please click to enlarge.

July 14, 2014

Tonight’s Show & Tell consisted of a slide show taken from a recent visit to a forest preserve (Johnson’s Mound – Elburn IL)  along with a message board encouraging members to participate in one of the most rewarding and educational benefits of belonging to MAPS, that is, to attend our outings. The signboard proclaimed “Fotos, Friends, Food, Fun”. Hopefully, members, especially newer ones, will be more motivated to grab their cameras and attend an upcoming outing after viewing the lovely images. Check the MAPS calendar for these events!

June 9, 2014

David Schooley was kind enough to lead June’s Show & Tell session with a demonstration of perspective control lenses also known as tilt-shift lenses. These special optics add more control to reduce the convergence of parallel lines and to provide a sharp focus for near and far objects beyond the typical purview of conventional lenses.

David took the trouble to set up a performance table along with an easeled exhibit of several images that showed the efficacy of these lenses. Although they are expensive, they have many uses in the professional world as well as those for amateur photographers. Additionally, David employed our large TV for easier following and even provided handouts as well. Thanks David for such an interesting and thorough presentation.

Meeting 060914-1
Meeting 060914-2

May 12, 2014

This month’s Show & Tell featured our own Mary Mehl demonstrating the proper methods  of preparing to hang and display an exhibit photo… very timely and related to our MAPS exhibit recently at the Arboretum. The presentation included a video detailing wiring dimensions and slack (although the video omitted Mary’s taping the ends to avoid scratching other pictures). Here is the YouTube link:

Mary Mehl
Frame prep

April 14, 2014

We would very much like to thank Kristin Lauman for providing her beautiful “Images of Spring”. These full sized and well matted photos were a welcome harbinger of spring although ironically Chicago’s winter weather reared its ugly head with yet another snowfall (and associated black ice) that very evening! Thanks again Kristin for making the effort on MAPS’ behalf.

Kristin Lauman
Kristin Lauman
Kristin Lauman-1
Kristin Lauman

March 10, 2014

Today’s Show & Tell was a little different. MAPS had invited local students from the Arboretum’s Summer Science Camp photography class to display their images. Some were run through the TV monitor and two were displayed on easels. Thanks to Gianmarco and Karissa for their beautiful tree and flower images (see photo below) as well as the other participants for the slide show.


February 10, 2014

Thank you to Jon Kinney for providing his stunning images all taken at the beautiful Chicago Botanic Gardens. For the few of you who might not as yet had the chance to photograph there, the Gardens offer the best synergism of hand-of-man and nature. The opportunities for a wide variety of images are endless as seen in Jon’s photos. Here are two examples:

Jon Kinnry Photo
Jon Kinney

January 13, 2014

Thank you to Lyn Whiston and his wife Debbie for sharing some of their vintage camera equipment from the Golden Age of photography. It was fun to have a hands-on demonstration where I, for one, could once again enjoy looking down through a ground glass viewfinder. Good stuff!

MAPS 011314-1
MAPS 011314-2

November 11, 2013

The November 2013 Show & Tell covered a topic of continuing interest among our members which is the art of infrared photography. Our participants, Donna Andrzejewski, Patricia Mann, Stephen Baginski, Carole Bovee and Elsie McConnell (in absentia) displayed stunning photos demonstrating the unique character of the images. Long exposure photographs may be taken through an add-on such as an R-72 IR filter which blocks most visible light, or through a camera with its IR blocking filter removed. Cameras typically employ these filters over the sensor to provide more accurate (visible light) colors. The latter provides faster shutter speeds. Additionally, IR can mask skin imperfections, a feature not necessary for our MAPS members of course.

October 14, 2013

Today we were treated to a beautiful as well as an eclectic series of prints from our own Show & Tell leader, Bob Duke. From hand-of-man hydraulic valves to bucolic woodland images, these photos were really eye-catching and drew a lot of attention from our members. Thanks Bob!

September 4, 2013

Thank you to Mark Bates for sharing his framed photos of Yosemite National Park and iconic landmarks of San Francisco circa 2011. Mark’s skills with lighting and timing are evident in these beautiful pictures.

August 12, 2013

Steven Mayer displayed his images directly from being on display at Gallery 7. As always, there is much interest in Steven’s photographs. I was sorry I could not attend but I thank Elsie McConnell for the photos.

July 8, 2013

Thank you to Chuck Hunnicutt for his Show & Tell photos of, as another member called them, “special birds”. For anyone who believes that there is no place for “hand of man” photographs in a nature club has never been close to these amazing fighter jets.

June 10, 2013

This month’s Show & Tell featured David Schooley demonstrating the series of special effect lenses known as a Lensbabies. There was much interest in the use of these photographic tools as many members brought cameras to try one out. Included here is a photo taken by myself before learning how to aim and focus but you will get the idea. Thanks much to David for making this such a well-attended S&T!

MAPS would also like to thank Steve Stephens for his great display of exotic animals in the Wild.

May 13, 2013

For Show and Tell on May 13 Duane Heaton presented a rotating digital slide show of his stunning images from his voyage to Antarctica.  His images included shots at sea, on the Falklands Islands, South Georgia Island, and the Antarctica Peninsula.  His slide captions gave the date, location, and name of any birds or animals in the photographs.  Many members and guests enjoyed the slide show, some remaining to watch more than once.   Some of Duane’s photographs and his description of his voyage are available in the Destinations section of the MAPS website.   Exclusive to the Show and Tell presentation were the amusing Top 10 Questions from Fellow Travelers.  Show and Tell photographer Andy Dichter’s favorite was “Is the moon there the same as ours?”

Duane Heaton ~ Antarctica
Duane Heaton ~ Antarctica

April 8, 2013

For Show and Tell on April 8 Susan Schmitz displayed bee keeping equipment and actual honey sample. Sweet!  And this was an excellent lead in to the main program on pollinators by Susan and Ken Thompson.  Bill Miotek also displayed his beautiful nature photographs.  Many members and guests arrived early to enjoy the presentations.

March 11, 2013

The March 11 Show and Tell featured two presentations.

John Granata from Calumet Photographic demonstrated several devices for color calibration of monitors, projectors, and printers.  John , who is an award winning photographer, also displayed a number of his images   The images were printed on a variety of materials from rice paper to metal.   John teaches a class “The Essence of the Fine Art Photographic Print” at Calumet Photographic.   The class discusses the properties of different fine art paper and how to choose the paper to be compliment a particular image.  Several MAPS members are currently attending this class and recommend it.

MAPS member Darcy Berg also shared her fabric art.  Darcy prints her photographs on fabric then quilts the fabric.  Depending on the image she may also use textile paint to add additional color and texture.  The end result can be framed or hung from a rod.  Darcy has custom designed racks for displaying small quilts.  Darcy also exhibited note cards and earrings created from her photographs.

February 11, 2013

Two MAPS members shared the spotlight for the February 11 Show and Tell.  Tina Tyson-Dunne discussed matting and framing photographs.   Interest in her demonstration was surely heightened by the upcoming MAPS 2nd Annual Nature Photography Exhibit.

Tina demonstrated how to cut your own mats with a mat cutter that can be purchased for around $100.  She also provided information on Resources for Printing Matting and Framing.  The material for frames and the type of glass is a matter of personal preference. However, Tina recommended spending a little more to get museum quality mat board or precut mats.  These are acid-free and lignin-free, which saves your images from the discoloration that can occur with mats that contain wood pulp.

Steve Stephens

Show and Tell also included Steve Stephens’ slide show of images from his 17 day Russian river cruise.   Steve’s photographs included Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg, the Cosmonaut Museum and Kremlin in Moscow, and many beautiful images of the river between the two cities.  And true to his MAPS roots, Steve had pictures of gardens, a close up of flowers, and a picture of a bird.

January 14, 2013

MAPS member Keith McCanless displayed several images using a special technique for creating action wildlife panoramas. Keith discussed his work flow using examples such as the following image.

Mississippi River Eagle

November 12, 2012

IT Supplies  presented informative and educational instructions on “Taking the Mystery out of Printing”, utilizing a printer and handouts to demonstrate techniques to help MAPS members create the perfect print.

October 8, 2012

The evening included a special Show & Tell presentation featuring the 50-Year Celebrations theme of our main program. There were 9 MAPS member images on display which were printed for the Schulenberg Prairie dedication featured at a recent Arboretum donor event; and we also featured the 50th anniversary of the Sterling Morton Library and the Illinois Prairie Path and their special connection.

September 10, 2012

Phil Eichas presented four spectacular images of baby swans to view and discuss; and he also presented three images which he asked other members to critique. This was a success – Phil came away with a unanimous decision on the best image to frame. It was also special to see Phil’s family join in on the evening which we sensed made Phil very proud.

Phil Eichas-2

August 13, 2012

Show & Tell launched its first Technology session which featured Keith & Margaret Larson from PJ’s Camera who demonstrated and answered questions about lighting accessories such as portable diffusers, flash diffusers and LED ring lights for macro photography. Also on display was additional macro equipment such as focusing rails, close-up filters, extension tubes, compact tripods, and even cleaning accessories for field use. We are thankful for PJ’s contribution to our Show & Tell night and encourage all to visit PJ’s Camera & Photo Supply for further information.

July 9, 2012

Warren Malvick presented several images which demonstrated how to use a color overlay to create the mood of a photograph, including a discussion on how the prints were modified to achieve the affect. And Hart Kannegiesser presented an e-book he is preparing entitled “Autumn at Morton Arboretum” which represents the compilation of Arb fall scenery made over the last 8 years – and members enjoyed viewing Hart’s work and providing feedback and comments.

June 11, 2012

The Images session successfully launched Show & Tell on this evening featuring 2 outstanding displays of art. Our thanks to Arlene Koziol and Allan Poole for their contributions. Arlene displayed her passion for birds with a slide show of her work and canvass prints of sandhill cranes, and Allan showcased his fascinating enlargements of the insect world.