MAPS Annual Holiday Party ~ December 2014

Congratulations to the intrepid Mary Mehl for being awarded the MAPS equivalent of our very first “Lifetime Achievement Award“. Congratulations Mary!

To view images CLICK ON PHOTO

Congratulations as well to our raffle winners for the three baskets of gifts!

And a special thanks to President Blue (!) for such a well thought-out and well delivered PowerPoint presentation, tying the whole evening together.

Now enjoy random images from our excellent 2014 Holiday Party! Again, Please click on a photo!

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  1. Sharana Mueller says:

    Congratulations Mary!! You certainly deserve it! We thank you for everything you do!!! Love the smiling faces! The elves worked very hard to put on a wonderful party!! Everything was absolutely wonderful and fun! The slideshow was entertaining! The raffle was a huge success!

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