MAPS Annual Potluck Picnic ~ 2013

On Sunday, July 14th, 55 members and a group of curious red-winged blackbirds attended the MAPS Annual Potluck Picnic.  It was a “warm” summer day, but with no rain and only a few mosquitos, the afternoon was perfect for a picnic.  The “Oil on Water” macro shoot was a fun challenge for many and the Photo Scavenger Hunt got everyone thinking and exploring the area with their cameras.  The afternoon provided time to eat, socialize with other MAPS members and share experiences and camera tips.   Thanks to the generosity of our members, there was an abundance of food…chicken, sandwiches, salads, desserts, drinks…and no one went home hungry!   Thank you to the MAPS Social Committee, Diana, Cora, and Mary, for organizing the picnic and activities, and to everyone who was able to attend….you made the MAPS 2nd Annual Potluck Picnic a success!