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COVID-19 might be trying to change the world, but MAPS is working on getting back to normal. Keep an eye on this website for the latest news.

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Upcoming Programs

We are holding our monthly programs using Zoom, and all members are invited! Check out our Zoom web page to prepare for the monthly program meetings and for tips & tricks we might have.

  • July 13, 2020 – Robert E. Potter III – Panoramic Images of Nature

    We will view an an awe inspiring collection of panoramic photographs of nature created by some of the worlds greatest photographers, and a few made by MAPS member R. E. Potter III. We will learn about Aspect Ratio as well as what makes an amazing panoramic image of nature, insight into how you too can make excellent images (rules of composition and creativity). We will see what kind of specialty cameras have traditionally been used to make panoramic images, and be introduced to how we can make these awesome panos using our own DSLR and Adobe Lightroom, or Adobe Bridge and Photoshop, or even just an iPhone! (Editor note: Android phones do it too!)
  • August 10, 2020 – Jim and Diane Bodkin – The Polar Bears of Churchill

    Jim and Diane will share their images of these fascinating arctic creatures. They will talk about the bears’ environment and their activities and interactions. And they will also introduce us to the town of Churchill and the human activities surrounding it, and share information for planning a trip.

MAPS Photo Challenge

We are replacing our monthly outings with a “Photo Challenge” to help keep you photographically active!

  • Black and White Photography – July

    Shooting in black and white can bring a new perspective that can’t be expressed through color. The disregard for color puts an emphasis on critical fundamentals such as light, exposure, and composition. Learn to see in black and white!

    Visit Photo Outings to read more on shooting in black and white and to post your images.
  • Photograph Through Your Window – Now through August

    Coronavirus restrictions got you down?  Can’t go out for some reason or don’t want to? Well good news!  Photograph nature from your window! Birds and creatures on your window sill, birds and squirrels on the feeder, raccoons, possums, even a view of your garden will do.

    To participate simply submit your pages to our website!  Visit Photo Outings for more information and to post your images.

Upcoming Photo Workshops – Coming Soon

Planning a trip? Visit Destinations to view beautiful images and information about many locations our members have visited.

MAPS Membership – If you are looking for information about MAPS membership, visit our About page. This page also includes other administrative information you might be looking for.

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