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Welcome to the Front Page News, the home page of MAPS. This is where we publish current events, and have links to other organizational information. Make sure you check back frequently!

MAPS Exhibits

November 2-30, 2023“Nature’s Harmony” – Woodridge Public Library

MAPS is holding an exhibit, “Nature’s Harmony” at the Woodridge Public Library for the entire month of November 2023. Our talented members are displaying a total of 47 images inspired by nature.  For more information see Exhibits.

Upcoming MAPS Programs

December 11, 2023 – Huibo Hou – Personal Expression in Black and White Landscape Photography

Black and white photography has a timeless appeal, and in many cases, it can touch the viewer in a more profound way than color. If you have had difficulty working without color in the past, this presentation will give you encouragement to keep trying. See Upcoming Programs for more information.

January 16, 2024 – Colleen Miniuk – No More Rules! Using Human Perception in Composition

Oftentimes photographers spend much time forcing their scenes to fit the rules (which yields technically “perfect” but perhaps boring photographs) rather than arranging the subject matter based on emotional responses and human perceptions. This insightful and educational presentation by outdoor photographer/writer Colleen Miniuk goes beyond reviewing the predominant composition rules and shares how we can leverage the reasoning behind human perception (notrules!) to help elicit specific responses from our viewers. For more information and to register see Multi-Club Programs.

If you are looking for past programs, see Summaries of Past Programs. This page will link you to summaries of 12 years of monthly programs, with a writeup and a few images from each program. There also may be a recording of the program available for a few months after the date of the program.

Upcoming MAPS Photo Outings

Stay tuned for information about future outings!

Upcoming MAPS Photo Workshops

Photographing Holiday Lights  – Saturday, December 2, 2023  at 10:00am

Shooting the holiday lights can be a creative experience. Horizontal and vertical panning, zooming, compositing in camera or Photoshop and out of focus offer creative options. We will also talk about shooting the light shows, how to get steady shots when no tripods or monopods are allowed and twilight effects. See Photo Workshops for more information.

Planning a trip? Visit Destinations to view beautiful images and information about many locations our members have visited.

MAPS Membership – If you are looking for information about MAPS membership, visit our About page. This page also includes other administrative information you might be looking for.

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