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COVID-19 might be trying to change the world, but MAPS is working on getting back to normal. Please read up on our upcoming activities below!

COVID-19 has stopped all of our in-person meetings & events. Because of this, MAPS is sending out updates, announcements, etc through email, usually two or more each month. This makes it important that MAPS have your correct email address on file (we don’t share it with anyone). If you are not receiving any announcements from MAPS, please contact us at

Upcoming Programs

We are holding our monthly programs using Zoom, and all members are invited! Check out our Zoom web page to prepare for the monthly program meetings and for tips & tricks we might have.

If you are looking for past programs, please go to Programs. This web page includes a write up and a few images from each monthly program. We also post a recording of the monthly program for 3 months.

  • November 9, 202 – Anne Belmont – Flower Power

    For November 9th we are fortunate to have Anne Belmont returning. If you were as inspired by her last presentation as I was you won’t want to miss her. She is an artist with a camera. To see her work is to be inspired. Simply the best flower photography I have ever seen. Maybe if we ask nice she would tell us her thinking about switching to mirrorless and how that has worked out for her. See her work on her website.
  • December 14, 2020 – Angie McMonigal

    On December 14th Angie McMonigal, a nationally recognized architectural teacher and photographer, will present her design program based on macro architectural details. It’s excellent and the concepts transcend all imaging. Good design is the basis of the graphic arts. See her work on her website.

Due to COVID-19, MAPS members that have paid their 2020 dues will automatically have their membership extended through 2021.

MAPS Photo Challenge

We are replacing our monthly outings with a “Photo Challenge” to help keep you photographically active!

  • Autumn Images – October

    Plants and trees are starting to change color. It is the month for pumpkins and gourds.

    Visit Photo Outings to read more on the autumn image challenge and to post your images.

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