2021 MAPS Virtual Photography Exhibit

Going Live on April 30, 2021!!!

What a year we’ve all had!

We’ve individually had to make huge adjustments to the lifestyle changes brought on by the pandemic, and as a group, the Morton Arboretum Photographic Society has adjusted and modified the way we operate too.  Fortunately, through the work of our board and multiple members who have really stepped up, we have been able to continue providing quality monthly speakers through Zoom, a Creativity Class (twice), an Infrared Workshop and interesting photo challenges to keep members involved.  We are most appreciative of these members and their efforts to keep us virtually connected.

Due to the pandemic, we had to cancel our annual Spring Exhibit last year.  After a year away, and with the virus still negatively impacting our ability to get together in person, we have decided to try a different approach for exhibiting our photography. This year our art will be exhibited virtually, making it available to the entire internet world to enjoy.  While we will miss the camaraderie and joy of exhibiting our art together at the Morton Arboretum, a virtual exhibit expands the audience and provides 24/7 access to everyone’s images. The exhibit will continue to be linked to our  MAPS  website indefinitely so viewers can enjoy the images for a far longer time period than has been available with our standard weekend, in-person exhibit. Dulcey Lima has agreed to take the lead on the virtual exhibit.  She has been working closely with Bob Duke, the MAPS Webmaster, to integrate the exhibit via links to our MAPS website.

Another advantage of the virtual format is a great reduction in the time and cost of framing each image.  Images can be prepared for buyers “on demand” in a variety of sizes and media.  Artists will be able to determine whether their art is “not for sale”, if it is available in one particular size and media, or whether they will sell the artwork in a variety of sizes and media choices.  The artist will indicate their preference on the submission form for each image.

Remember all the criteria for framing and proper hanging procedures for our other MAPS exhibits?  Forget about it this year!  Entering your submissions has never been easier. And there’s no Drop Off Night either! Even if you have never entered an image into the MAPS exhibit before–this is the year to make that happen.


  • Any member can enter the exhibit if they are a MAPS member in good standing. All members are encouraged to enter up to three images that have not previously been shown in an annual MAPS exhibit. Photography that has been exhibited in the Sterling Morton Library shows or any community-based shows may be submitted.
  • Every image must be inspired by the natural world. Hand of Man objects may be a small part of the image but cannot be the primary focus. That means things like cars, trains, buildings or domesticated animals (pets or farm animals) are not allowed as the main theme of your artwork. Your photographs do not have to be taken at the Morton Arboretum.

Submission Process:

  • All MAPS Members will be emailed a link to the Submissions Form for the Exhibit. You will receive this link before April 1. You will enter all the information and upload your image(s) to this form.  Every image must be a jpg that is sized at 2000 pixels on the longest side with a resolution of 300.  This will provide optimal screen viewing detail and enable the images to load efficiently into the virtual exhibit. 
  • You will be sent an immediate confirmation when your submission is received. You will also be able to edit your submission form later if you decide to make a change.  If you have any questions at all, please contact Dulcey at limadulcey@gmail.com. MAPS wants to ensure that all of our members have an opportunity to exhibit their beautiful art in the easiest, most user-friendly way possible. 
  • On the day the Virtual Exhibit goes live, everyone will receive an email with the link to the exhibit.  This link can then be shared with everyone’s friends, family, social media sites and the rest of the internet world.  

Important dates:

April 1, 2021
(or before)
You will receive an invitation to submit your images
April 1 to April 23, 2021 Submission of images
April 30, 2021MAPS 2021 Virtual Exhibit Goes Live! 

Your artwork is special. Share it in the 2021 MAPS Virtual Exhibit!

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