Photo Outings

Each month MAPS selects a location around the Chicagoland area to go for a Photo Outing. The major theme for these outings is nature. We select one outing per month, and you can see when and where we go below.

Please note that you can sign up for each event listed below by following the specified link. Also note that by signing up for each event you are agreeing to the MAPS Photo Outing Waiver of Liability.

Upcoming Outings:

  • There are currently no photo outings scheduled. Please come back January 1st to see what Larry has planned for us.

Recent Outings:

  • Lake Marmo and Sterling Pond – Saturday November 2, 2019
    Eight members signed up for this outing to meet the morning sun. Well, a bit on the chilly side with the sun hiding behind the clouds members took advantage of the situation as long as they were there! The Fall color was great and the sun did pop up now and then for some wonderful chances. Some members also saw deer and Blue Herons!

    Because sun stars were not possible Saturday morning, we are going to do something different:
    Virtual Outing from now till the end of November!
    Make images of sunrise or sunsets at your own speed. Try to get those rays shooting out of our closest star! Images don’t have to be taken at the Morton Arboretum.

    Images can be posted and viewed here!

Past Outings: