Photo Outings

We’ve held off on Photo Outings for over a year, and we think the time is right, if we’re careful, to start them up again. So, read the instructions below carefully, and make sure you follow all the safety precautions. After all, they are just common sense.

Each month MAPS selects a location around the Chicagoland area to go for a Photo Outing. The major theme for these outings is nature. We select one outing per month, and you can see when and where we go below.

Please note that you can sign up for each event listed below by following the specified link. Also note that by signing up for each event you are agreeing to the MAPS Photo Outing Waiver of Liability.

You will be able to share your images with the others. You know the routine: 2000 pixels on the long side, saved as JPG with a sRGB color space, then you can drag and drop them to Google Photos using the link provided.

If you are not sure how to prepare or upload your images, please follow the detailed instructions in these documents:
==> How to prepare your images
==> How to upload your images

Upcoming Outings

Please check back later.

Recent Outings

Chicago Botanic Garden – June

Twelve members signed up, with eight members and one guest participating. Everyone who came chose to go to their favorite spots on that beautiful Sunny day in the low 70’s!

There were plenty of flowers to choose from, unfortunately some areas were not accessible or closed. The CBG, as others, are fighting the current drought.  Some of the flowers and other plantings were showing the results of that problem.

The cafeteria was open on a limited basis (surprise!). They announced that entry to the CBG and buildings will be back to pre-pandemic after June 21.

Every MAPS member can visit the CBG anytime during the month of June and post your fantastic photos on our web page.

Submit & view Flowers at CBG from the outing.

Spring Flowers – May

Eight members signed up with seven enthusiastic members present for the outing at the Morton Arboretum for spring flowers on May 7, 2021.  Blue bells were spotty between the visitor station and P12 however, there were plenty of other flowers and interesting foliage patterns found on the path. White Trillium, Spotted Geranium, Wild Phlox, and Blue Bells, etc. to name a few were available.  The lack of rain and colder than normal soil temperatures were the main reasons for this delayed growth.  Quite evident was the dry to the bone “Wood Duck” pond on that trail.

View Spring Flowers from the outing.

Past Outings