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Due to COVID-19, MAPS is changing how we do Photo Outings. Instead of a group outing, members can participate in personal outings or activities.

MAPS members are able to participate in the new Photo Challenge. Each month we will identify a photographic topic or subject or theme, and if you are comfortable going outside, you can go capture a few images.

You will be able to share your images with the others. You know the routine: 1000 pixels on the long side, saved as JPG with a sRGB color space, then you can drag and drop them to Google Photo using the link below.

If you are not sure how to prepare or upload your images, please follow the detailed instructions in these documents:
==> How to prepare your images
==> How to upload your images

MAPS Photo Challenge

Wabi-Sabi (Imperfection in Photography) – June

To see Wabi-Sabi beauty often requires thinking in a more abstract way. You need to look at an item or scene not as an item/scene, but rather look at the shapes, tones, patterns, and colors. If you look at things close-up, there are an almost endless variety of subjects. The stains on an old baking tray. The patterns on the surface of dirty washing-up water. Rust and dirt on old tools. Thinking abstractly so you see the patterns and texture present, rather than just a well-worn object, can help greatly in seeing the photographic potential of the object.

Some examples of Wabi-Sabi photographs:

Submit your Wabi-Sabi.

Photograph Through Your Window – Now through August

Don’t have a good view?  Shoot objects inside your home!  Flowers, plants, fruit, etc and post those images on our website.

Submit your creatures and things.

Phlorographs (flower photography) – May

A note from our Lilacia Park outing host Dulcey Lima

I visited a late April morning and found that there are many varieties of daffodils still in great shape, and the early tulips are very close to opening.  There are other people around, walking and enjoying the park, but if you go early in the morning or later in the afternoon, you’ll have plenty of space and time to photograph your favorite specimens. 

If you have a tabletop tripod, bring it.  There are a few planters with pretty pansies and ranunculus flowers at waist level, but most all the shots right now are at ground level.  In a couple weeks when the lilacs and crabs start to bloom there will be opportunity for more landscape shots, using a regular tripod.  I hand-held most all my images of the tulips and spring bulbs this morning using a wide open shutter to get a nice bokeh.

I don’t want to give the impression that this is the Holland Tulip festival.  This is a municipal park that specializes in lovely plantings, particularly in the springtime when the lilacs are blooming.  It is, however, a great place to practice flower photography, free of charge, with ongoing color displays over the next couple of weeks as the tulips, lilacs and trees come into their sequential bloom.  I have found it to be a great place to lift my spirits when I get cabin fever.

Lilacia Park website:

Submit your floral imagery.

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