Photo Outings

Due to COVID-19, MAPS is changing how we do Photo Outings. Instead of a group outing, members can participate in personal outings or activities.

MAPS members are able to participate in the new Photo Challenge. Each month we will identify a photographic topic or subject or theme, and if you are comfortable going outside, you can go capture a few images.

You will be able to share your images with the others. You know the routine: 2000 pixels on the long side, saved as JPG with a sRGB color space, then you can drag and drop them to Google Photo using the link below.

If you are not sure how to prepare or upload your images, please follow the detailed instructions in these documents:
==> How to prepare your images
==> How to upload your images

MAPS Photo Challenge

Landscapes – September

Read this National Geographic article on landscape photography

Other references to look at:

Submit your landscapes.

Recent Outings

Patterns, Shapes, and Textures – August

Pick an ordinary object that you see every single day — something at your home or office, or along your daily commute — and find as many different ways of photographing it as possible.

  • How does its shape change under varying lighting conditions?
  • What kinds of lines and angles are created when you view it from different perspectives?
  • What textures and patterns do you discover as you zoom in or out?

Some references for you to investigate:

View Patterns, Shapes, and Textures from the challenge.

Photograph Through Your Window – June through August

Don’t have a good view?  Shoot objects inside your home!  Flowers, plants, fruit, etc and post those images on our website.

View Creatures and Things from the challenge.

Past Outings