Photo Outings

Each month MAPS selects a location around the Chicagoland area to go for a Photo Outing. The major theme for these outings is nature. We select one outing per month, and you can see when and where we go below.

Please note that you can sign up for each event listed below by following the specified link. Also note that by signing up for each event you are agreeing to the MAPS Photo Outing Waiver of Liability.

You will be able to share your images with the others. You know the routine: 2000 pixels on the long side, saved as JPG with a sRGB color space, then you can drag and drop them to Google Photos using the link provided.

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Schulenberg Prairie 60th Anniversary Project

2022 marks the 60th anniversary of the Schulenberg Prairie! To help celebrate this occasion, a request to monitor the prairie in photographs was accepted by MAPS. MAPS members will be able to capture images for an entire year and post them on the MAPS website.

Visit Schulenberg Prairie 60th Anniversary Project for all the details.

Upcoming Outings

Photo Outing– Saturday, May 21 – 9:00-11:00, Schulenberg Prairie at The Morton Arboretum

Hoping for a beautiful spring day, it’s time to launch our spring photographic celebration of the Schulenberg Prairie on Saturday, May 21, from 9:00 am until 11:00 am. It’s been nearly two months since the annual prairie burn to eliminate invasive plant species and it’s time for energetic prairie plants and beautiful flowers to rise up after their long winter’s sleep.

The Arboretum’s Plant Clinic has provided us with photos and text identifying some of the plants we’ll be seeing, and there will be a knowledgeable prairie guide to lead our tour.

Participants should meet Joe Lunn at the Prairie Visitor Center (near Parking Lot #25 on the west side of The Morton Arboretum) at 9:00 am on May 21st. Feel free to arrive earlier if you want to go out on your own. Afterward, plan to submit your favorite outing images to the Schulenberg Prairie 60th Anniversary Spring album on the MAPs website.

To sign up for this outing, click here.
After the outing, click here. to submit images to the Schulenberg Spring Album.

Recent Outings

Fullersburg Woods – October & November

A fantastic day for hiking was enjoyed by the 10 members who participated in this outing.  Because fall colors were a little late this year, the outing was extended informally through November.

View images here.

Schulenberg Prairie – September

Eleven photographers enjoyed capturing images of the Schulenberg Prairie on a cool, crisp 56-degree September 25 morning. Karen Johnson, a regular volunteer at Schulenberg shared deep knowledge of the prairie plants and insects while guiding the group along prairie trails. Everyone was provided with a plant guide that included names, photos, and descriptions of many fall prairie plants.

You can read what to expect at Schulenberg and other prairies in the area on Cindy Crosby’s blog Tuesdays in the Tallgrass.

Submit & view processed images at Schulenberg Fall Photos.

Birdhaven/Pilcher Park, Joliet – August

There were quite a few hummingbirds in the morning. Migration in September will bring more and maybe not local hummingbirds. The flowers around the area were beautiful but the conservatory A/C broke and quite a few of the plants were destroyed. They are replanting and upgrading scenery such as a new waterfall. The koi are getting larger and the succulents/cacti are available for viewing.

There was more opportunity in the forest and creek. Birders were finding blue and green herons and egrets. It was a bit humid for some members causing them to vacate early. Only six out of twelve members who signed up showed up for the outing.

Please post as many of your images as you would like to share on the MAPS website. If you were unable to make the outing, feel free to post any photos you take at the Pilcher Park area during August.

View creatures and things images from the Pilcher Park outing.

Past Outings