Photo Outings

Due to COVID-19, MAPS is changing how we do Photo Outings. Instead of a group outing, members can participate in personal outings or activities.

MAPS members are able to participate in the new Photo Challenge. Each month we will identify a photographic topic or subject or theme, and if you are comfortable going outside, you can go capture a few images.

You will be able to share your images with the others. You know the routine: 2000 pixels on the long side, saved as JPG with a sRGB color space, then you can drag and drop them to Google Photos using the link provided.

If you are not sure how to prepare or upload your images, please follow the detailed instructions in these documents:
==> How to prepare your images
==> How to upload your images

MAPS Photo Challenge

Macro & Still Life – March

Need ideas for Macro shots? Try this link:

For still life:

Submit & view Macro & Still Life images from the challenge.

Recent Outings

Expanding Your Creativity – February

If you truly want to improve your photography and push yourself, then you need to be using your camera, often! Accepting the challenge of using your camera every day or every other day, will help make photography a commitment and even a habit for you.

The following is a list of challenges for you to explore and share your thoughts of the subject in a photograph with others:

Front Door
Anything Fun
After Dark
In The Kitchen
Something That Makes You Sad
I Feel…
Where You Shop
Up In The Air
Corner Of Your Home
My Favorite View

Example:  Take “Building” from the list, it doesn’t have to be an actual building but rather a process, or other objects!

Example: Something boring – arrange mundane objects in a grouping to make an interesting photo

Example: Polka dots – close up shot of holes in a colander!

Example: Dawn – capture a reflection of the sun on a pool of water.

Submit & view Expanding Your Creativity images from the challenge.

Past Outings